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Otis Redding Ready Steady Go Special (1966)


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Possibly one of the most astonishing pieces of music TV ever broadcast.

Otis in scintillating form, charismatic, warm, intense, genius,

a man possessed by spirits beyond the understanding of mere mortals;

Amazing backing band so tight you couldn't slip a Rizla between them,

Guest starring Eric Burdon (The Animals) and Chris Farlowe.

first broadcast on September 16, 1966

Track list:

1. Satisfaction

2. My Girl

3. Respect

4. Hold On I'm Coming - Performed by Eric Burdon

5. This Is A Man's World - Performed by Chris Farlowe

6. Pain In My Heart

7. I Can't Turn You Loose

8. Shake - Performed by Otis, Eric & Chris

9. Land Of 1000 Dances - Performed by Otis, Eric & Chris

I can get it if anyone's interested - but unless loz gives me permission to post Rapidshare links here, you'll have to send me a PM to ask for the download links.

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I remember watching this when it was repeated quite a few years back, brilliant stuff! You've had me scrabbling around trying to find if I've still got it, and luckily I found I'd copied it from video to DVD - not sure what the quality is, mind :)

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A slow reply from me I'm afraid as just noticed the thread.

Absolutely mindblowing stuff! If you touched Otis I'm sure you would've got an electric shock that night.

You're right about the backing band and those dancers are pure, undiluted energy!

Thnaks for posting, Lofty.

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