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  1. Hello moi! Sorry I missed your call earlier, tried to call you back but my phone wouldn't let me 😖 Apparently making calls to you isn't in my contract 😒 Call me tonight or tomorrow if you like, it'd be lovely to speak to my favourite jock frog 😍
  2. Supported Rangers almost as long as I've supported Chelsea, over 50 years. Even Martin King gave me a mention in his latest book, Hoolifan 2, saying I was the first person he ever saw wearing a Rangers scarf in the Shed, must have been about 1971 or 1972 ? As a kid I'd go to see Fulham when Chelsea were away in the late 60's, always had a soft spot for them and loved their ground - so close to the pitch as opposed to the bridge back then. Gone off them since their fans seem to regard us as their rivals ??? Other teams I like and look out for their results are Wimbledon, Plymouth, Hearts and Dundee.
  3. Great vid, never seen that before - many thanks!
  4. I went to virtually all our games in the 70's, and certainly don't remember Bolton ever bringing a mob down, let alone taking liberties in the Shed. They hardly had a mob even at their home games, seems like there are a few dreamers on that site, lol.
  5. Got a vague memory of some loser going up Fulham Road the night before a game, spraying graffiti all over the place, making it look like they'd brought a mob up. I thought it was Plymouth, but could just as easily have been Bolton. Total w*nker, whoever it was.
  6. Pretty sure it was 70/71, but I could be wrong. There was a fair few of them, but they didn't hang around long. Think it pissed down all through the match!
  7. Never went in the old East Stand, but walked under it loads of times. When I was a kid I'd go to the players entrance and get autographs. Used to get quite packed under there after the game. In the 70/71 season a mob of Tottenham came up the tunnel and started walking slowly across the terrace towards the Shed. Then the Chelsea mob noticed them and it seemed like a solid wall of Chelsea skinheads steamed across at them - the Tottenham legged it back up the tunnel at top speed, with the Shed boys right behind them, great sight. I was about 12 and was stood on the terracing between the East Stand and the Shed, right in the middle of it all, lol.
  8. That was the first season (68/69) I went to home games regularly, I was 11.The first leg at the Bridge finished 5-0, with goals by Hollins, Boyle, Cooke, Osgood and Birchenall. The second leg at Cappielow ended 4-3 to Chelsea (Baldwin, Tambling, Birchenall and an OG). Despite getting hammered a few Morton players went on to play in England; John Loughlan, Tony Taylor & Borge Thorup (Palace), Preben Arentoft (Newcastle), Gerry Sweeney (Bristol City) and Joe Harper (Everton). Typical Chelsea, in the second round we drew 0-0 twice with DWS Amsterdam and got knocked out of the cup on the toss of a coin!
  9. Quite a few people seem to be concerned that Loftus-Cheek looks lazy off the ball. Might be worth remembering that exactly the same was said of Peter Osgood throughout his brilliant career. I'm not comparing him to Ossie, just saying that some players have this laid back style - Matt Le Tissier was another. Doesn't mean he's lazy or no good, let's just give him a chance.
  10. ...and Newcastle Brown bottles were so aerodynamically pleasing!
  11. Always liked a bit of S &N up west, oohhhhh matron!!! :-)
  12. Drank a fair few pints of Fuller's in my time, that ESB was definitely falling over water! Loved Dry Blackthorn, used to drink so much I'd sometimes wake up next morning with orange lips, and I'd get stuck into the black stuff when I was in the mood. Speaking of dodgy lagers, does anyone remember Saxon, sold in Young's pubs many years ago? Absolute piss it was, no wonder their bitter's were so popular! A lIght & bitter was 13p when I started drinking in 1971/72, hardly ever see anyone drink it now.
  13. I was thinking of local pubs, initially, only found S & N pubs up west. McEwans and Tartan were great, and I loved a bottle of Newcastle Brown or twelve. I didn't discover Fuller's pubs till a bit later, again, none in my local area. It was a while before I developed a taste for real ale and took advantage of the local Young's pubs. I'm developing quite a thirst for some reason...
  14. Watney's Red Barrel was awful, my favourite tipple in the early 70's was Double Diamond. Not a strong beer by any means, probably just as well considering I was 14 when I acquired a taste for booze. Long Life was another good beer, and Courage Best, mmm...
  15. I think my grandad may have been there in the North Stand on the lookout for gooners, resplendent in his cloth cap and smoking a Woodbine, swinging his rattle in one hand and a two pound claw-hammer in the other
  16. To Bonetti's left is Marvin Hinton, to his right is John Mortimore (I think, before my time)
  17. If there was a 'colour clash' in a cup game, sometimes both teams played in their away kits, happened at the Bridge a few times. No idea who Venables was yelling at!
  18. Yeah, I should have mentioned I was talking about the early 70's in my post, hardly ever went in there after that - much more fun in the North Stand :-)
  19. Old Bill always stood in that gangway no matter who we were playing. I'm guessing that their explanation was that fans would use the gangway to watch the match from, but the truth is more likely to be that it was easier and quicker to nick lads for no reason when the cops got bored. F*ck Bilko and his merry men!
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