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Help with opening a file please!

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I'm a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to IT, so be gentle with me!

I need to open a file with the extension "dotx" which I gather is part of Office 2007, which I don't have (I have a much older version).

If I download this...


Does anyone know if it'll then allow me to open the file? I don't want to mess up my existing MS Office, as I'm at a crucial stage of an important job!

I'm running Windows XP Pro 2002 (service pack 3)

Many thanks in advance.


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Found this on another forum for you.

.dotx files are MS Word 2007 template files - a new (okay, a year old) format (technically called OOXML format) even for Word. I can't open them in my Office 2003, although a converter exists.

However, if you are reluctant to buy a new office suite, I would get Open Office.org at www.openoffice.org - it is free, and they hope to have a converter for it soon, so it can open these OOXML files. If I recall right, there is a way to open such files in OO already, but it is a bit tricky and involves an add-in.

If you'd rather get a converter (it's a lot smaller and probably less hassle for you), you can get one here. http://www.nativewindsofmontana.com/software/docx2rtf.html

Scroll down the page and there's a link to download it. It'll convert it to .rtf which you can view with any version of word or whatever you happen to use.

Edit - Oh I forgot to mention, the link doesn't work, so I can't tell you whether it'll help or not.

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As far as I know(I'm no expert, but know a thing or two), if you want to modify and save copies of those dotx files on your older version of Office, you might as well convert the files into RTF(rich text format), which is a much more compatible and universal format. There are free converters available and that way you wouldn't risk messing up your Office configurations. Here's a link to one site that has a free converter:


If someone thinks that's absolutely daft way to handle it, feel free to correct me.


I see Eggy had posted about pretty much the same thing while I was writing my own reply. ;)

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