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  1. Lampard and Luiz passed the ball forwards (and pretty much exclusively forwards). Matic and Fabregas passed the ball intelligently.
  2. I've put my penis in worse places.
  3. Yep, completely agree with that. There's no point in change for the sake of change, it won't help us.
  4. That was awful. My least favourite episode.
  5. People seem to not get that he just posts what's in the next day's papers in Italy. He doesn't make things up. He just tweets what the papers are making up.
  6. I personally like that side. Especially the signing of Equestrian Olympic medallist Michelle Coutois to play in goal.
  7. Number 10 shirt number =/= Number 10 position
  8. I bet people were saying that about Torres after Shevchenko was a disappointment...
  9. I think all of this conversation is based on the idea that Barca have said he's available for £30m. I think Fabregas can definitely take on the 'Modric Role' if we base it on Mourinhos' Real Madrid side and is probably one of the very few players who could do a better job than Modric. The problem I see is whether he'd be willing to join and for me it's all about Mourinho selling his vision for the Chelsea side to him. Courtois Azpilicueta - Cahill - Terry - Shaw Fabregas - Matic Willian - Oscar - Hazard Costa Maybe Mourinho doesn't fancy that as it could be deemed
  10. As I have said before, if we sign Bastian Schweinsteiger, I will be so happy I will run down the road naked singing the German national anthem. If we signed him for anything less than £25m, I don't think I can be held accountable for my actions.
  11. An excellent player. As mentioned before, Premier League experience, creativity and passing, enough defensive capability to play as a centre mid in a Jose Mourinho side. He ticks all the boxes for me. I'd be delighted if we had side with him and Matic holding. Also, I don't care what teams any of our players have previously played for. It's all about what they do for us.
  12. Vidal is brilliant. I'd be delighted if we got him.
  13. Littlefinger and Roose have the right mentality to win at any cost. They're not crowd pleasers, they're effective. Mr. R. R. Martin has apparently shared his plans for the series with the writers of the show, in case he dies, then they can at least finish the TV show posthumously.
  14. I think Petr Baelish and Roose Bolton will be the last ones left. In a knife fight atop the smouldering ashes that were the 7 kingdoms.
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