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Bayern give up Bos chase

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Blimey - a club that recognises when a club doesn't want to sell.


"Jose Bosingwa is no longer one of the candidates to join us.

"We were keen to sign him this summer, but Chelsea simply refuse to let go of him. Therefore, we have to accept that he stays at Chelsea and set our sights to another right-back."

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Maybe they wanted Bosingwa more than anyone else, but with the whole paper bollocks this summer I wondered why they just didnt go for Maicon themselves.

Anyway, im sure Bossie feels pretty good that they were so intent on getting him all summer

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If they'd kept pestering us for him, they wouldn't be able to moan about people trying to sign Ribery.

Not sure why he'd leave Chelsea for Bayern, though. I'd understand if he wasn't a first teamer and I assume the bid was based on the possibility of us signing Johnson.

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