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Best place to get international shirts? (don't mind if they're not official)

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Hey guys,

I usually get stuff from thefootballshirt.com - but it seems it's closed down now!

Anyone know a cheap place to get international football shirts from please? Don't mind if they're just replicas or rip offs, I have a few at the moment like that (Brazil home, Brazil away and Portugal home) and they're just as good as the legit ones I have. And in this case I don't mind getting non official 'cos it's not like I want to throw a load of money at the Serbian/Ivory Coast/French national teams anyway ;)


(edit - also, could a mod please change the title to "don't mind if they're not official" - sounds a little more legit than the word dodgy :E thanks)

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