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PL getting more technical & complex


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yesterday carlo out-witted arsene, last week mancini outwitted carlo.................getting more & more complex, teams nulify each other - especially at the top end, leaving one or two flashes of real class to win the games. We see the assistant coaches with their flip up books explaining what the subs do at set pieces and the systems get changed during the matches and everything goes to the plan apart from;

- the mess-ups (mostly at set pieces)

- the brilliance of individuals (like drogs yesterday)

- players who can't match the system

We have very decent squad, and players that can flex and do different jobs - and a manager with plenty of nous - remember last year when he dumpd the 'diamond' for 433, well now he might have to vary that too in some games - and he needs impact players on the bench to do that

PL is fantastic entertainment every week, but I hope we don't get any more technical than no, cos seria a is awful most matches with clever players countering other clever players and very little entertainment

next match at villa a real test as houllier can have his good days................so hope carlo does his homework

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You are right . It is getting more unpredictable .. But I love to hate "Mancini got the better of Carlo" ... I really wanted us to win at city .. Carlo himself has accepted he is not that great in tactical play .. May be this is time for him to improve in that area !

More technical is fine but due to some nuts like De jong , the play is more dangerous and this should be properly dealt with , else we ( PL ) are going to lose a lot of players due to injuries .

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The EPL isnt getting more technical ... doesnt really get more tactical either imo (compared to other leagues)

The only thing that the EPL does is getting worse compared to the other big leagues.

ManU, Arsenal and even our mighty blues have barely spent any money over the last years and Liverpool is in the relegation zone (not that I would complain :D )

This might change if Mancini can finally get something out of City´s squad next year, (speaking about CL here) but the future for the PL doesnt seem to be too good to me.

ManU doesnt have the ressorces to spend big sums on players, Arsenal is going to loose Fabregas next summer and our squad is getting older and older.

Italy now has 2 good teams in Inter and AC

Barcelona and Real are going to be massive anyways...not only because both have been spending a lot of money but also because JM has taken over Real.

Dont want to be too pessimistic but La Liga has overtaken the PL ... a shame because some time ago the PL was certainly the best league.

But lets see how things are going to be in this years CL campaign.


Now that will get me some love I guess

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I would not agree to the point that spanish la liga is better than PL . It is true that they have some of the very popular names in world football in Messi , Ronaldo , kaka etc.,

But when it comes to sheer intensity and the heart pounding pace of the game , Premier league is the best and no other league can come close . In some ways , Bundesliga is good . Though it doesn't have the star players , the game is quick and a good watch for the neutrals .

When we deem a league as best , it should be purely due to excitement and not only the star players . Spanish league is crap , you dont want to see 4-1 , 5-2 victories almost every alternate game for Real and Barca . The PL is unpredictable and this season , I would be worried for chelsea for any away game and that is the same for teams like ManUtd , Arsenal etc., All we need is proper football match where the contest is almost well balanced between attack and defence and enough excitement even for the neutrals .

And I repeat, English league is the best !!!

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Unpredictability is what makes this leage the best there is. Compare it to the SPL, do you really expect the likes of Kilmarnock to challenge Celtic/Rangers in the grand scheme of things, honestly? I love it when the league throws up incredible results (Liverpool 1 - 2 Blackpool for instance) it's what makes me come back for more.

I don't think it's a change of formation we need, it's just it seems we can either go to 5th gear and smack the opposition to kingdom come or play in 1st or 2nd gear, not really impressing anyone. Arsenal was, however, a step in the right direction, our attack may have wimpered slightly, but the defence stayed at full throttle for the entire 90 minutes, and that's what I like to see. More of the same, please!

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You can't really compare scotland, especially when you've used bin dippers as an expample here, who AREN'T TOP 4 now anyways. You'd be better off looking at all fixtures not including the gers and celtic. I don't mind scottish football, obviously look out for Rangers, and you get the occasionaly good game between lower teams.

Italian football's always been for the consosour (sp).

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Germanblue - what is your criteria for being a good team in Serie A at the moment? AC Milan haven't won the domestic title for 7 years, and other than that have only finsihed second once in that same period. I will grant you they won the CL 3 years ago but then again it isn't that long ago that Liverpool did the same. Last season they finished third but were well off the pac set by Inter. They also exited the UEFA Cup at the first knock out stages. Meanwhile this season they have dropped 7 points in their first 6 games.

AC Milan are pretty average just now.

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