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Bayern Munich vs Bayer Leverkusen


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Check this out, Bayern Munich have announced the acquisition of the current Bayer Leverkusen coach ahead of the two teams crunch meeting in the Bundesliga. Only the TOP TWO teams in the Bundesliga qualify for the CL next season and Bayern Munich currently sit 4th and 9 points off the pace, meaning there is a strong possibility that of the Leverkusen coach beats the team he is set to manage next season, he himself will not be managing in the CL next season. Interestingly some of the Bayern stars namely Robben and Ribery have opened the doors to moves away from the club if they do not qualify for the Champions League next season.

Could be a massive firesale at Bayern following the dismissal of Van Gaal, particularly if they don't get 3rd place so come on Leverkusen, let's hope Ballack can do it! ::ChElSeaFLag::

Am I the only one that would Welcome a Robben return to the Bridge? I've always said letting him go was the biggest mistake we ever made during the RA era

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