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Player Ratings v QPR

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Cech 8/10 Played very well.

Boswinga 7/10 Was having a good game. Sending-off was harsh but justified.

Cole 8/10 Excellent.

Luiz 5/10 Had a good second-half. I won't comment on the first.

Terry 8/10 Captain Fantastic. Beautiful to watch.

Mikel 7/10 Sloppy in his passing occasionally but didn't have many teammates to aim at. I refuse to give anyone who played the duration less than 7. It was a superhuman effort. We showed what we were about, and it was good to see. Okay I gave Luiz a 5 but my hands were tied.

Mereiles 8/10 Played very well.

Lampard 9/10 Incredible second-half. Showed his class throughout. A true Chelsea legend.

Drogba 1/10 Pathetic. We were down to 10 men, we were 1-0 down, we had loads of time. You look to your experienced players. Maybe not. Truth is, Drogba stopped playing a long time ago. A long long long long time ago.

Mata 6/10 Let's just hope he isn't out for too long.

Sturridge 6/10 Hard to play when your opponent is kicking ten lumps out of you.

Subs ..

Ivanovic 8/10 The perfect antidote to Luiz. His cross for Anelka was class.

Anelka 5/10 It was a simple chance. Get your nut on it, head it home. Unfortunately he let the ball bounce off him rather than force the issue. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Anelka is profligate. He needs chance after chance after chance. Having said that, he gave a good centre-forward display in the circumstances. He stretched their defence and held up the ball. He'll never be my cup of tea, but today would be the wrong day to dig him out.

Malouda 5/10 I can't really comment. My emotions were all over the shop by this stage. Which brings me nicely to ..

The referee 0/10 He gave them two very soft decisions in the first-half, which turned the game. Both of them were understandable, but to give them the benefit of the doubt on both, particularly when SWP jumped straight back up and chased the ball, was very harsh. Add to that the fact we weren't given a sniff on similar calls, they were allowed to manhandle us at will at set-pieces, we were booked for every slight misdemeanour, and they were allowed to kick Sturridge at will, and it all boils down to nil points. Sorry Chris. You were indeed their best player. Go to a QPR forum. I'm sure they've got you man of the match.

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Can't disagree with too may of those marks - with the exception maybe of Mikel. Once again IMO he gave us very little and was all over the place (I know it's hard when you're down to 9 men but even allowing for that, his position is wasted for me).

And Malouda? He came on late on and should have been the fresh pair of legs we needed, but he looked the least effective player on the pitch and chose the wrong ball just about every time he got it. A waste of a sub.

Torres will be a happy man tonight (if you can be happy when your team has lost?). If there wasany question before today, Torres IS now our main striker.

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Cech 8/10 almost saved the pen, made some good stops

Bossy 5/10 what I've come to expect of him (we all know how poor SWP is no need to pull him down)

Luiz 5/10 needs to calm down

JT 9/10 what can we say ridiculously good (hope he's not guilty of the racism though)

Cash 7/10 getting better

Frank 9/10 brilliant display should of had a pen

Raul 7.5/10 a very good player, I'm pleased with this buy

Mikel 6/10 not good, not bad just Mikel

Sturridge 6/10 makes some poor decisions, needs a right foot

Mata 6/10 did very little to impress in this 1

Drog 3/10 time for 1 last payday somewhere else me thinks

Ivan 8/10 will run through walls, what a cross!!

Anelka 4/10 he has to score in that stuation

Malouda 3/10 not good enough for this team

Foy 1/10 he gets 1 for turning up on time and cutting the half time oranges up! What an utter c**t

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