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Stéphane from France

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Hello everybody!

I found this forum which looks like very welcoming, when I searched for the best stand to get a seat.

I'm 34, follow the EPL since many years, as I also play Yahoo! fantasy football for more than 10 years.

So, I'm coming to London with my girlfriend at the end of april and when planning these holidays had the idea to attend a football game in London.

I won't hide that between the 5 London clubs, my preference goes to Arsenal... BUT I also follow the other London clubs results with attention, and in particular those of Chelsea! :wink:

I like the fact that most of our Frenchies play(ed) for Chelsea and wish that game vs. QPR will give a lot of goals!

When I had to choose the game I'd go, the first difficulty was to choose the stadium to go.

I went to Stamford Bridge ten years ago but just for buy some items at the shop.

Only two options: Tottenham-Blackburn or Chelsea-QPR.

My choice was finally the second one, because of both teams. As I also am a fan of Djibril Cissé! :wink:

Wish he'll play this game. And score. :biggrin:

So I went on chelseafc.com for the date of ticket sales for General Sale. It was said: april 2nd, except that some days before, the tickets were already on sale! So to get a seat not too expensive (61 pounds), I had to buy only one seat (while I wanted two) since it should remained a little number of seats at this price... I was a little disappointed with the communication of the club for this point.

I also learnt that you can't choose your seat, neither see where you'll be in the stadium. So that's the game.

I bought my seat in the West stand lower, while there was remaining seats in the ESU, MH too, if I remind well.

I wanted to get a seat not behind a goal, and as I saw comments on the ESU, I chose to buy in the WSL where it seems to be funnier! :biggrin:

As I am in the Gate:8, Row:20. May I ask you to tell me where I exactly am in the stand?

I found a plan of Stamford bridge but am not sure of the informations I found.

I wish I did the good choice when choosing this seat!

Then, I'll ask you to be indulgent with my english, please.

If you speak french, it would be a pleasure to talk with you!

Hope to get answers from you, wherever you are! :joy:

Greetings from France!


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check the offical site they have a seating plan on it. cant believe im giving advice to an arsenal fan :sad:

LOL. Thank you, I think you're worth of being a Blues fan! :wink:

Anyway, I checked all over the site and I never found a detailed seating plan of the stadium... :sad:

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Ah, very merci! Mais euh... petit problème! I don't find Gate 8, in the West Stand Lower! :coffee:

Is my seat in an invisible gate or outside the stadium? :rolleyes:

Tu n'as pas honte d'avouer que tu es fan de l'Arse? A ta place j'aurais honte! Sais-tu qu'en anglais "Arse" veut dire "Cul"? :laugh2:

D'où viens-tu en France?

Bonjour! Non absolument pas, d'ailleurs j'en suis même plutôt fier lorsque je regarde les derniers résultats!

Je sais également un peu parler français, et anglais, comme tu peux le lire.

Sinon, je suis du 62 et fan du RC Lens qui est en Ligue 2.

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