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newbie from Chicago IL, USA making it to london vs everton

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just want to say hi to all the members. i also wanted to see if anyone can give me some tips on what to do and where to go before and after a match. i decided to take a trip to see chelsea play this season so if theres any locals on here that can give me pointers on whats websites they buy tickets from for the best price and where is the ideal seat to buy. 

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Not sure about you getting tickets, it all depends on what match you want to go to.  If it's a big game, then they'll go to members first, if it's a smaller game then you'd be able to get them through the club directly is they go on general sale.


As for where you want to sit....well, the Matthew Harding end is certainly the most lively but it's mainly filled with regulars so doubt you'd get anything in general sale in there.


I've been quite lucky to get tickets in the West Lower and the views are good, just not much atmosphere.  I know a couple from the US who traveled to London and took in a CL game against Genk, and they got tickets in the east Lower.


As for a beer or something before hand, Parson's green is a good area with a few bars, but it's a bit of a walk to the ground.  Or you just get off at Fulham Broadway and there are a few decent bars around there.  Not sure what's all being used for home support theses days, but there was the Slug and Lettuce.


Oh and welcome to the boards.  Chicago is a fun town...i'll be there again in May.

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Welcome mate.


I'm hoping to head to Chi town this year for the first time! Hopefully around the same time NFL and NHL season is on as I'd love to see Da Bears play and Hawks!


I hope you get to go to a game at Chelsea if not hang around the bridge for a few the atmosphere is still great in the pubs around.

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Welcome! Google the Fulham Mitre, a 10-minute walk from the Bridge. It's not very boisterous, but I enjoy the outdoors area and the fact that you get your order at the bar pretty quickly.

I'm visiting Chicago end of April. Any Must Do/Drink tips (Loop area preferably)?

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