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South African born welsh man living in Scotland

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I thought the worst thing about living in Scotland was actually having to live in Scotland. Maybe being so far away from Chelsea is the second worst thing?


You wash your Sassenach mouth out, Jimmy!


Welcome, Andre. What part of that beautiful country do you live in?

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How do you get the little dude rolling around ?? I seen a little Chelsea guy holding up a flag and I want it lol



When you go into the reply box you will see a yellow happy face.  Click on that and you will be shown some emoticons.  Underneath them it says "Show all"  If you click on that you will see a long list of emoticons to choose from.


:rofl: is colon rofl colon - the colon is the two dots one above the other which is upper case to the left of the apostrophe 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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