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  1. I think 3rd possibly 2nd depending on other teams performance
  2. I feel we need two defenders. Silva is a fantastic stop gap but not a long term solution. I don’t think any of our other CB’s are good enough to play consistently at the level we want to be at.
  3. It feels more like his agent is just trying to drum up business. New contract or a better deal with Arsenal. Who knows.
  4. Think of the VAR decisions in a game like that. The game would be 3 hours long lol
  5. I bet Kepa is pleased to be playing with him instead of getting mugged off by him now.
  6. I feel we should be sending him out on loan for a season or maybe two. If we could send him somewhere where the pressure won’t be too high. Let him learn, grow and mature as a man. He could be a good player but I feel he is getting in his own way.
  7. Yep because that’s how you run a successful business
  8. I wish we had kept him and let Morata go out on loan but I’m guessing wage wise it’s easier to get a club to take Bats than Morata
  9. Knock me down with a feather, clever Kepa
  10. You would think that if you have a new manager you would want to come back on time/even a day or two early and certainly in shape. Not ask for an extra day off and return a little chubby. Maybe that just the way I think.
  11. Young guys who have just won the league and cup double probably thought it would just be easy again. A short pre season wouldn't have helped either. Hopefully the players and the club have learnt a lesson by this and it won't happen again.
  12. lol nice! showing sky sports news so we can keep one eye on the other scores at the time! Maybe they could split screen so we can see replays of our game and sky sports news on the other half.
  13. Where are the big tv screens going?
  14. Matic will come back in against Arsenal for sure.
  15. Although I am as excited as most about they way he played yersterday lets not get over the top excited. He still has a long way to go to build the trust with the manager. Lucky for him, he is still very young and has a lot of time in front of him. I would guess that Mikel will leave in January or next summer and RLC will take his place behind Matic in the team.
  16. My point is what you player could replace a first team memeber now. Not who could be good enough if they were played a lot and became better. If you were Hazard or JT would you be pleased to sit on the bench while Sinclair or Kalas played trying to get better? As I said we are a big club with superstars in the team and those superstars demand to play. If they are unhappy they will want to leave. Its all well and good wanting to see some youth come through but we dont want to lose our current superstars either.
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