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Chelsea to play exhibition against Galaxy


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Yahoo Sports

By KEN PETERS, AP Sports Writer

March 9, 2007

Chelsea to play exhibition against Galaxy in possible Beckham debut

http://sports.yahoo.com/sow/news;_ylt=A ... &type=lgns

"AEG president and chief executive officer Tim Leiweke said Friday that the possibility is "really good" that Beckham will make his Galaxy debut against Chelsea in an exhibition tournament the promoters hyping as the "World Series of Football.""

As part of the tournament, Chelsea will play South Korea's Suwon Bluewings on July 17 during a doubleheader in Carson that has the Galaxy meeting Mexico's Tigres. The Bluewings will play the Tigres on July 21.

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho said in a taped interview that he was pleased that Chelsea would be playing in the United States for the fourth summer in a row.

"I think this summer will be even a little more special because we will have a tournament with a team (the Galaxy) that we have a special relationship with and the fact that David Beckham is there will give something extra to that tournament," Mourinho said. "And I get the chance to wish him success in the States because I think it will be very important for soccer."

Has anyone heard of this tournament yet? I'm afraid I don't know anything about it.

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not heard, but was just talking to some people out here the other day and they want to go to a match with me....usually they play in Seattle though, so I wonder if this tournamnet will mean that they avoid the Seattle area. I assume that this tournament is in LA?


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I wonder if we will play the Tigres too and if there will also be a final for this tournament. If so, we might actually have a proper pre-season.

"Each team will play a pair of games during the tournament. In addition to playing the Galaxy, Chelsea and Tigres will both face Suwon. Chelsea and Tigres will not face each other, nor will the Galaxy and Suwon."


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Whats the point!

If Pele,Mardona and Rodney Marsh cant turn the yanks on to football then nothing ever will!

Its another strain for the players and as far as im concerned this is not for the good of the team.

If the yanks think football will take off in America why do their big bucks (Glazier,Lerner,Hicks) keep looking to invest over here??

Its a few pound notes for the club and a holiday for P*ter Kenyon!!

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It's good pre-season practice if they can just get a load of proper training sessions before going to USA. Last summer they had practically no fitness or any other kind of training before the match in USA and then there was the ridiculous amount of travelling for one match. If they go there well in advance to do some training as well as getting good training in England and perhaps a pre-season friendly against an English team, then it might start to resemble a proper pre-season. This is already better than what they had last summer, but not good enough. Hopefully they have learned their lessons from last year. icon_rolleyes.gif

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Just heard we're going to play one more match in USA during the pre-season. Apparently we're going to play against Club America which is from Mexico, but the game will take place in California just a few days before we play against Suwon Bluewings. It's finally starting to look like a proper pre-season. Three matches in USA, few days of training between the matches and then after we play LA Galaxy, there's a week until we meet Rangers in Glasgow. There's no World Cup or European Championships this summer, so only the ones that are playing in the later stages of Copa America will be joining late for the pre-season in California. At the moment we don't have anyone playing in the competition, though...unless Crespo is called back. Ofcourse we might sign someone South American during the summer, but even then we should have 99% of our squad ready by the time we fly to USA and hopefully we'll have the whole squad ready by the time we play LA Galaxy. Not too bad if that can happen.

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Apparently we're playing Feyenoord on July 25th.

So...the pre-season schedule looks like this:

Club America - July 14th

Suwon Bluewings - July 17th

LA Galaxy - July 21st

Feyenoord - July 25th

Glasgow Rangers - July 28th

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