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Can you guys help with this , please ?


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On the Celtic Board I am on, some lunatic posted this :

London is the most racially integrated city in Britain, it is a wonderful melting pot of race and culture mixing together in a free society

Chelsea(your team) are a club playing in London

yet on any Saturday at Stamford Bridge their are more black people playing on the pitch than among the Chelsea support


1, Why is this?

2, Have you noticed this?

3, Do you have a problem with this?

He is one of the minority on the board with a problem with the club, and if ANY of you can possibly back me up by letting him know that this is a load of complete nonsense, I'd like to copy & paste your comments to him, to get his ignorant views abolished on Chelsea.

Cheers Folks.


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I wouldn't even bother entertaining it mate - how on earth a supporter of a club so indoctrinated in religous bigotry can start pointing the finger is beyond me.

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Yeah, he's been shot down already anyway by more than enough members on the board who aren't full of nonsense.

All I wanna talk about is football, nothing else man.

But this guy's p*ssed me off so badly I felt I'd get some decent replies from good folk like yourselves to truly shut the guy up

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