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'Scuse the French - But Enough is F*renching Enough!

Guest Brian M
Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Guest Brian M

I'm sorry, but if Roman cares about Chelsea as much as he claims, he HAS to come out in the next couple of weeks and say TO THE PRESS that JM is going to be in charge next season. And I don't mean 'the dreaded vote of confidence from the owner'. I mean an honest to goodness, 'We've got the best manager in the business and we're keeping him' statement.

We've got an historic month coming up, that could - with favourable winds - put this Chelsea team down as one of the all time great English teams. And what we don't need right now is petulant, megalomaniacal behaviour from a kid who wasn't picked and consequently wants to take his f*cking ball home.

Enough already, Roman. ENOUGH. Get behind the team you claim to love.

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Nah - stay quiet Roman - keep the team thinking that the best way to keep Jose in the job is for them to play as if their lives depended on it in every game! Harder to sack a manager sitting weith ther quadruple then it is a manager sitting with the league cup!

It's all part of the masterplan....... honest

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Sorry mate but Roman doesn't have to do anything. He's said very little to the press in all his time here, which various members of the GBGP (Great British Gutter Press) have taken as license to take any little crumb of information they manage to get their greasy little hands on and turn it into a mediaeval banquet. The look on his face and the high 5 to his mate when we scored against T*tt*nh*m was enough for me.

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Brian,you dont really expect the Club to come out and make a statement do you!?

Mate,I honestly cant see it happening!

They did the same thing at this stage of the season to Ranieri..........

......We were asking the same questions..........expecting a comment!

But we got nothing!

Wheather or not he's staying....lets just try and enjoy the rest of the season.......

"What ever will be...... will be!"

Im not really that concerned if he leaves,he's been a great manager for us!

But this is Chelsea ....

....Were historically a transitional club....

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Guest Brian M

Instability at Chelsea could force me to leave, says Mourinho

Sid Lowe in Madrid

Friday April 13, 2007

The Guardian

Jose Mourinho appears to have launched a charm offensive with the Spanish press after granting a four-page interview with the Madrid-based sports daily Marca, which he used to bemoan Chelsea's predicament as a club "not at peace".

It is known that Mourinho is highly regarded at Real Madrid and the interview's timing is interesting given the uncertainty over his position at Chelsea. He reiterated the remarks he made to Spanish reporters earlier in the week in which he stated he would like to coach a club in Europe if he cannot remain at Stamford Bridge beyond this season.

He also launched a thinly veiled attack on Roman Abramovich's failure to back him, likening the lack of stability at Stamford Bridge to the institutional crisis that has seen Real Madrid go three seasons without a trophy. Those comments will only deepen the gulf that has opened up between Mourinho and Abramovich, who have not spoken for months.

The interview functioned primarily as a vindication of his achievements in England, with Mourinho insisting he wants to continue at Chelsea but entertaining the possibility of a summer departure.

And while the newspaper dubbed Mourinho "the anti-Bar?a coach who sees in white" and focused on the inevitable platitudes in which he agreed that "it would be an honour to coach Madrid" and that "Madrid can still win the league," more telling were the remarks made about his current employers.

Asked why Madrid have suffered their longest run without a trophy in half a century, he did not pass up the opportunity to draw parallels with Chelsea, insisting that he has been successful against the odds at Stamford Bridge and hinting darkly at a bleak future without him. "It is harder to work and to achieve results for a club that is not at peace," Mourinho said. "I could liken Real Madrid's situation with England, with that of Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool compared to Chelsea."

"At Manchester United, there is tranquillity; Arsenal will not win anything this year but they also live in peace and without any doubts over their future; the same can be said for Liverpool. By contrast, the other day I was calculating the number of coaches who have been named as Chelsea's new manager for next season. We're up to 13. The latest was Mark Hughes, who appeared last week. If you want to win, the coach needs to be strong, the players need to be strong, the whole group needs to be strong, with the players 100% behind their manager."

"My work is with the players. I don't want to talk about my relationship with Abramovich," he added. "The work I have done at Chelsea over the last three years has to be classed as historic and this season has been the best of them all. What we have had to overcome is incredible. Cech has had to have two operations, Terry has had two very serious injuries, both of which needed operating on, Robben, two or three, Essien likewise. And despite everything, look where we are: in the semi-finals of the Champions League, the semi-final of the FA Cup, we've won the League Cup, and we can still win the Premiership, where we're just three points behind the leaders."

Mourinho insisted: "I have a contract until 2010 and I want to continue at Chelsea. It would be an honour to coach Madrid but it is not something I want to think about now. If my name is linked to Madrid it's not because I have done anything to make that happen. Chelsea is a club I love, one where I want to continue."

"But," Mourinho added, "if I have to leave for some reason or because someone wants me to leave, then that's life in football. If I leave, I want to work at another European club. I like English football and it would be nice to work at another Premiership club but not now. I will not even contemplate leaving Chelsea and going straight to another English club. That would be very strange - and it's something I don't want to happen."

The long goodbye

After drawing twice at home in the space of five December days, against Fulham and Reading, Jose Mourinho lamented injuries to key players, including John Terry and Petr Cech. The club let it be known that they expected more from a manager who had brought in seven players at a cost of over ?60m in the summer. Half of that was on the underperforming Andriy Shevchenko, widely seen as Roman Abramovich's purchase. Despite having no central defenders available, Chelsea failed to back the manager's wish to reinforce in the January window. A succession of names surfaced as possible replacements for Mourinho who has himself been linked with Real Madrid. Abramovich, who has missed several matches, said he and Mourinho 'do not have friendly relations but they are warm enough'. Mourinho has repeatedly stressed he wants to see out his contract which runs to 2010 but in early March said that if the club disagreed he would 'walk away a millionaire'. After the victory in Valencia he reiterated his desire to stay but added that 'sometimes what you want in life doesn't happen'.

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Guest Brian M

Jose: Abramovich must speak up

Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho has hinted that it is time for billionaire owner Roman Abramovich to clear the air over his future at the club.

Mourinho has done an exceptional job of taking the pressure off his players during a sensational season that sees them remaining in the hunt for an unprecedented four trophies.

Under Mourinho's remarkable leadership, Chelsea have already won the Carling Cup and remain on course for glory in the Champions League, the FA Cup and the Premiership.

But the speculation over his future continues to manifest itself with talk of a summer departure to Real Madrid constantly on the agenda.

Mourinho has admitted the Chelsea board have not told him if he will be at the club after the end of the season.

Now, as Mourinho prepares his side for their FA Cup semi-final against Blackburn at Old Trafford on Sunday, he would like the Blues hierarchy to take some of the pressure off him for a change.

Mourinho declared: "If I could choose I wouldn't speak. If people higher in the club speak, I don't speak so much. So please speak and give me some free time.

"Managers and players have the contractual obligation to come and talk and the other people, they can make a choice."

But when asked if he would like the people above him at the club to speak, he replied: "Yes. I think the same way I take pressure off of my players by speaking more than them, if the people on the top of me could speak and leave me free of this pressure in my life it would be better for me. It would be easier for me.

"Supporters? They know. From me they know everything. Imagine if in the end of the season I tell to the club 'Goodbye, I go', what do the people think about me? This guy is a liar.

"So no doubts. I've left everything very, very clear. That is what is in my head. If in the end of the season I'm leaving the club you have the right to come to me and say: 'Jose, you are a liar'.

"I told Peter Kenyon that I want to stay in Chelsea and that I refuse to speak with other clubs. I told my agent Jorge Mendes that it is forbidden to speak with other clubs.

"Peter Kenyon told me 'Fantastic, I'm very happy with your decision' and we had a hug."

But while Mourinho insists he wants to see out a contract that has three years left to run, he admits he has to balance that with the loss of some of his freedom.

Talking about one of his dislikes about managing in England, Mourinho said: "I don't like the fact that I lost my private life and my family is paying that and it affects me, and affects my wife and my kids and it effects everybody.

"But that's not me and that's every manager and every player that works at a high level. Our face is in the media every day and that effects all of us.

"Other famous people in other professional areas are even worse than us because some guys in cinema and music and this and that, I suppose they cannot put one single foot in the street. And we can, so I don't think we are the worst."

Mourinho is expecting a highly-charged Blackburn at Old Trafford because, for some of their players, he claims it will be the 'game of their lives'.

Mourinho added: "Okay they have Benni McCarthy and I suppose Tugay who won trophies in Turkey.

"But they don't have many who have won trophies and I think that's the threat. Their motivation will be very, very high. It's the game of their life, it's the game of the season for them and motivation sometimes makes miracles."

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