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life long Chelsea fan

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Hi - I've just joined this forum which I found browsing Google for some info on the club. I've supported the Blues since 1967 and was lucky enough to see a few games at the bridge in the 70's as a teenager on the Shed terraces. Life changes took me away from London so have been an armchair follower of the ups and downs in the meantime. This past year I've been closer to the London area though out in Essex and have been able to get into the membership system and seen 5 matches so far this season. I've worked out that on that basis it will take me 5 years to get enough LP's for a season ticket! If anyone knows any short cuts do let on! I can get to 3 more including the FA cup match with Man U having got my ticket today - heaven knows where the seat is. The Stamford bridge seating plans are not very clear on the web and I fear it's not the greatest view. I guess if we progress in that competition and the Europa league then I'll be able to get to more games.

So from an 8yr old kid who has followed Chelsea for 52 years to a 60yr old I've been enjoying seeing how the ground has changed and the atmosphere - great to hear the "We hate Tottenham" chant is still going on! 

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12 hours ago, Munkworth said:

Welcome. I have bad news. Loyalty points reset each season (unless there’s a big game early on). I wish I’d never given up my season ticket :JC_doubledown:

oh seriously? Well despite my enthusiasm for watching the team there's little chance of ever getting a season ticket then as commitments impact on the matches I can get to, especially midweek games. Never mind, I'll have to try and get more familiarised with the better locations in the ground - East Upper row 30 isn't my cup of tea! 

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