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pfa snub - only one player in team of the year

The Brit

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Don't forget though that the voting comes out at the begining of Feb.

Players that over the season I would change.

Cech for Van Der Sar

Finnan for Neville

Carv for Evra (Terry missed a lot of games this season and Carv has been excellent in his absensce)

Essien for Anyone in midfield except Ronaldo

But you have to remember it's voted by the players so it's hard to argue with what they think. It would be interesting to see how the Premiership players voted though!

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i know people say the players know more than anyone else, but do they? I think they're more influenced by the papers than anyone and the majority of players don't even play in the prem against these players...everyone knows sky, the press have been full of praise for utd, while sticking the boot into chelsea and that has been reflected in the voting...if you see sky sports news bigging up utd and then saying chelsea dug in, lucky again etc someone of small mind (ie footballers) will be influenced

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Too right. It's not exactly a trade secret that your average professional footballer isn't necessarily the er... sharpest pencil in the box, and is subject to all kinds of influences.

From this thread:


Quoting myself again, but it's the exact same subject so what the 'ell:

Heard Gary Stevens on Talksport (he grew up as a Chelsea fan so he ain't all bad) saying that the forms would be handed out and returned a.s.a.p., to get them out of the way as much as anything else. Players used to vote in the dressing rooms with conversations along the lines of "who are you voting for?" ... "I think I'll vote for Numpty" ... "ok I'll vote for him an' all" ... "yeah let's all vote for Numpty".

Has an all-too credible ring of truth about it, wouldn't you say?

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I watched a bit of the pfa awards on sky tonight and it was a real man u love fest...not just for ronaldo, but fergie got a special award and there were loads of nauseating tributes...sitting there sucking it up was drogba and lampard ( there may have been more cfc players, I couldn't see), but I just hope they watched that and it gave them even more motivation to beat them...it came across as utd's season, utd's title etc and if they were annoyed half as much as I was then the chelsea players should be ready to kick some arse!

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