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Starters/bench likely to be gone next season


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Hazard,  wanted elsewhere irreplaceable but the money will be useful

Willian/Pedro:  Age .One may stay for another season but won't or shouldn't be a starter.

Giroud/Higualn: Age. again one may stay but we need someone that combines the best of both with a bit of pace. There are good strikers around, just got to choose wisely from the younger guys in Europe.

Luiz: Age wasn't good enough for PSG last time we bought him. Had most of a good season but not really a starter in a CL team these days.

Alonso: Really not a starter anymore, maybe he's still a squad player

Kovacic: ??? Would still make my bench and maybe even starting 11

You could also add in the lesser and never sighted Cahill and Drinkwater (Danny certainly drinks more  than water, but i don't blame him. His career was wrecked coming to chelsea no matter if he got more money) 

of course there are all the loanees but definitionally they aren't starters or bench.

Maybe not all of the above will happen, there's the transfer ban blah blah, but its clear the squad will get changes. Guys who were not quite good enough at the very top this season will be that bit further off the pace next season.

Pulisic sure as heck aint a Hazard replacement, maybe CHO can become one. Ampadu seems to be injured more often than not, Kante's running is catching up with him, Christenson isn't really convincing but will have to stay.

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Cahill is gone

Hazard probably gone

Time to go - Willian been a good servant but time to move on.

Alonso this summer will be the last time he has much transfer value.

Zappacosta and Drinkwater off the wage bill.

Kovacic and Higauin thanks for your contribution but no way should either be considered in front of Tammy or Mason going forward.

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Obviously Hazard and Cahill will both be off regardless. But for the rest it really depends on what happens with Sarri and the transfer ban. 

Assuming the ban is lifted and Sarri stays, I can't see enormous amounts of change other than at wingback. I think Sarri will want to build there and will need to move on Zappacosta and one of Alonso/Emerson to do that. I could also see us moving on Willian to fund some improvements in other areas of the squad.

If Sarri leaves (Only possible if we don't win the Europa League) then the changes will be far more wholesale. 


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