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Transferring files onto iPads

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Anybody know an easy way to transfer video files from a Windows PC onto an iPad, preferably without buying extra software or uploading it to the 'cloud'? I've got a long flight coming up and want to make sure I've got stuff to watch that isn't completely sh*t. I was googling around and just found loads of links to dodgy looking software that are probably full of malware and who knows what else...

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7 hours ago, Mod Stark said:

Whats the reason not using a cloud? Simplest method by far.

Mainly out of principle, but also due to a slow internet connection. As I type this I just got a ´sorry you don’t have enough bandwidth to play this right nowˋ error from BBC iPlayer. 

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Apparently the iCloud storage is limited to just 5 GB, which seems a bit stingy.

To answer my own question, I installed something called iMazing that lets you copy things onto the iPad. It looks legit and so far my laptop hasn't been hijacked by Russian neckbeards demanding a ransom. The free trial is limited to 100 files/folders but that'll do me for now.

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