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Should we panic about THIS as well?


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From Soccernet:

Drogba: Chelsea must match my ambition

Golden Boot winner Didier Drogba has claimed he is 'attracted' to the prospect of playing in a different country and has warned he is not certain to remain at Chelsea in the long term.

After a slow start to his career at Stamford Bridge following a ?24million move from Marseille, the Ivorian was arguably the Blues best player last term as he blasted 21 goals in the Premier League.

But, amid talk that club owner Roman Abramovich's wallet could remain resolutely closed this summer after several years of mega-spending, Drogba has expressed concern that the Londoners' ambition may no longer match his own.

He said in The Sun: 'If I think the club lacks ambition, then it is sure I will not stay too long. I'm 29 and I don't have much time to lose.'

Drogba added: 'I'm at the last big turning point of my career.

'It's time for one final big choice - should I stay or should I go? I am tempted to discover another world and to see what footballing life is like outside England.

'It would be a big disappointment if I never manage to play for teams that I dream of playing for. That would be terribly frustrating.

'Spain and Italy attract me a lot and, although I am a long way from saying farewell to Chelsea, you never know what can happen.'



What the hell does he mean by "if the club lacks ambition"? Is he speaking out against all the freebies?

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Well, you know Drogs. He isn't the most diplomatic person. He talks when he feels like it. He doesn't mean bad but doesn't really think that much before saying(remember the diving incident).

I think he might use his status to make his point clear to the owners(Roman): Lack of ambition might mean; a) Pay Lamps and Terry what they deserve or :) Buy new high profile player(s) coz your rivals are doing it.

I sounds a bit childish, but in the case of Drogs I could understand it. His aim is to do what is best for the team. He does it in the pitch always so why not in the press.

Then again it can mean anything and probably he's never even said any of those things...

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He is 29 and did not exactly grow up in the shadow of the West Stand.

Of course as he approaches 30 he will wonder about playing in other great leagues, and despite his fondness of Chelsea he does not owe us so much that he puts his career on hold. After all this guy has never given us less than 100%.

If he decides to go then fair play to him, I do not thik he will unless we try to revert to 433 which so many fans go on about blissfully unawares that Drog makes it work and Drog HATES that formation, and says so every season.

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