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Jose-Roman tension

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The sequel is continuing. My verdict is for an unhappy one. One get-what-he-wants billionaire squabbling with a ultra arrogant think-he-is-the-best Champion League winning manager.

One knows Sheva was his friend and the other knew he was going to be a flop

One holds the quids and the other holds the key to choosing strategic players.

No McCarthy, No Ben T'aim until too late and certainly no big name signing.

A real show of who the boss even at the expense of fan's hard earned wages to hold season tickets.

One thing is for sure... We will not start as favourite next season, with Liverpool and Manu ahead of us in strengthening.

That will suit us find. I just pray that Mourinho will make the boss eat his words by winning the Champion League and the Premiership. Surely, such a double is within grasp, instead of taking about unrealistic treble or quandruple ?

By the way, are our scout sleeping? where is ( if there is) our very own Santiago Munez?

That will be our very own and best free signing... 247.gif

Hell... why not let the plot of Goal III develop further at Stamford Bridge?

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I was looking for an emoticon to represent that "yawn I can't be bothered to reply to this drivel" but couldn't find one to quite fit the bill. So instead, here I am wasting my time typing up this post. Having already wasted too much time reading that pile of drivel.

View. Several weeks ago, you PROMISED that you wouldn't be making any more posts til next season. Yet here you are again, spouting more of your own particular brand of meaningless garbage. Take my advice sunshine, go and have a nice long lie down somewhere. The longer the better.

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Being curious, I searched for Octville and found it to be a Golf and Country Club in Malaysia.



Very nice. However, being a lousy typist, I also managed to search for Octoville and came across the following:


Explains a lot that.

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