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Mathew Le Tissier

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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The goals I have watched on YouTube are as many are saying genius and just breathtaking. The goals which raise your eyebrows and make you shake your head in disbelief.

My questions are to the older people who were following Premiership in mid 90s. How was the rest of his game and what is the main reason for him not being picked for England?

Thank you very much,


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Guest Brian M

I guess you could probably say that Matt was their Zola or Bergkamp. He was a scorer of great goals rather than a great goal scorer of goals (though he scored enough) and he could've gone to a much bigger club but showed that rarest of modern footballing traits: loyalty.

Most seasons you could expect him to be in with a shout for goal of the season, if memory serves.

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He was unbelievable at times....

Reasons not picked for England

1. So so lazy - I saw him in games where I was convinced he never touched the ball, just stood there stratching his n*ts most of the time

2. Unfashionable club all his career - Chelsea players used to suffer this also. But as said credit to him for the loyalty

3. Weak England managers not prepared to take a risk in case they appeared on the back page of the sun as a root vegatable if it went wrong.

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Andy is pretty much spot on with the main issue being the fact that Le Tissier, although very gifted, could, and would, disappear for long stretches of the game and in this time could often be spotted buttering a scone and pouring tea on the touchline. He was a God to Southampton fans who had very little to cheer about on an ongoing basis but I suspect that if had ever left and joined one of the 'big' clubs he would not have received the same level of adulation due to his lack of effort.

A truly talented player and a joy to watch on occasion but for me he was never cosistent enough, never reliable enough and personally I think his legacy is a tad over hyped.

There was also an overlap in the era when he could have played for england and when Gazza was playing for England (at least I think there was) and very few managers would put both of them in the same team and if you had to choose between the two there really was no contest - Gascoigne was a far superior footballer.

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