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Brilliant Mourinho Compilation

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Brilliant. Just absolutely, f*cking brilliant. I've actually got tears in my eyes now.

Love Mourinho with all my heart!

"Pressure, what?" Made me laugh.

Him putting his finger to his lips to the Scousers is something I'll never forget. Serves them right.

Thanks for that vid.


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i just watched the cfcnet one.

it hurt. really did. i felt like crying a little which is ridiculous since ive never even met the guy.

he was one of the lads, a genuine guy and what hit me was lamps and jose.

i felt that lampard is joses boy now. i really think lampard will suffer the most now.

JT i think will take it just as hard, but his leadership quality will enable him to stand up straight and get on with it.

i just dont see how the boys will be the same team after this, and i cant see them coming through it a better side.

all i can say is good luck to Avram cus hell need every bit going.

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