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The Big Match Revisited


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ITV4 are showing a series of editions of 'The Big Match' from the 70's and 80's.

Only thing is its sometime at midday every Thursday ITV4.

Set your video recorder,Sky Plus.......... whatever!

Actually its on now!

Proper football from before all this all seater Premiership nonsense. AND you can gaze in awe at Brian Moore's enormous egg shaped shiny head.

This week its Fifth Round Day!!!!!!!!!

Villa vs Watford,Everton vs Sp*rs and Boro vs Arsen*l from 1983.

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Gutted I din't know about that - I'm at work icon_sad.gif

Used to love The Big Match when I was a kid. All the various commentators that covered the different regions - Gerald Sinstadt up North - Hugh Johns the Midlands. And of course we had good old Brian More for the London games. And how he used to shout!!!


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The Big Match Revisited is being shown tomorrow (Sunday) at 11:15am on ITV4, Freeview Channel 28 - probably a repeat of Thursday's programme, I'm not sure.

I'm gonna make a point of seeing as many of these as possible, Chelsea featured on The Big Match pretty regularly! ::Scalf::

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My Sunday's were very similar to yours by the sound of it, Tim. Though by the late 70's I was playing football on Saturday mornings, which meant I was able to spend the rest of the day/evening doing my best to drink various South London pubs dry 431.gif

So my Sunday mornings were spent nursing gigantic hangovers rather than playing football, something that was helped enormously by quaffing (love that word icon_lol.gif ) about 7 or 8 pints of Double Diamond or Long Life down the Star in Mitcham. But the pubs were only open for two hours Sunday lunchtimes, which left five hours to kill before opening time in the evening! I still have nightmares about those barbaric licencing hours icon_eek.gifnervous.gif

I f*ckin' hated Sundays back then, but The Big Match certainly helped a bit icon_lol.gif

I just hope they show some of the better Chelsea games from the 70's and early 80's, and not some of the crap performances from that era! icon_wink.gif

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