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A pundit more biased than..........


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Phil Thompson.

Old Big Nose Tommo. Gawd bless him. Consider him a fair and balanced adjudicator of all things Liverplod. Well he is compared to Terry Christian and his views on ManUre.

Terry, (yes, that w**ky Manky knob from the Tube), Christian is absolutely the most smug, condescending, opinionated, biased pundit in the history of the game. I listened to him on Talksport tonight, head in hands, as he berated Arsenal's lack of discipline and when presented with the obvious, stated Roy Mental's tackle on Alf Inge Haaland had bugger all to do with finishing Alf's career as a professional footballer!!!!!!!

And that voice! Jesus. I bet even his mother wants to kick the living sh*te out of him.

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I always remember him trying to come across as an educated music critic on the Tube and The Word.

For a start he shouldnt be allowed host a football show , ANYWHERE . He hasnt got the intelligence to see past Man U and realise not everybody who listens to him is a Man U supporter. He reminds me of Paddy Crerand , a self opinionated red nose tosser who comes across as bitter and jealous. I hear his show a few times and i wanted to punch the head off him . Somebody will put it up to him sometime and he'll deserve it.

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