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Compliment... Have we turned the route?


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Judging from the 4-0 & 3-0 trashing of West Spam and the Greek champions, i am amazed to see a sudden peak in our form. Kudos to Ballack & Lamps, whom i think were our best players on a fantastic European nights. On current form, not many team can get the better of us. Also, thanks to Cudicini. Good saves and great to have you back ::Scalf::

It seems that the best pattern is to have either Essien, Maka sit on the back of midfield as a first cover for JT, while Ballack & Lamps can dictate tempo for the 2 wingers, Joey/SWP/Malouda/Kalou, who would in term support the target man, Drogs. Even when he is not scoring, Drogs can draw away attention.

And we have done this without Cech,Anelka or Obi. Great work. I enjoy these two games very much. It is not so much about winning ( although to Octville, it is always about winning :)) but the way we tore the opponent to pieces.

Are we seeing the Chelsea that we saw back a while ago? I dare say that another great game is in store for Barnsley.

We must despatch them clinically.

On another note, i think Sheva, Pizarro & Sidwell are probably on the way out next season. May i make a suggestion that we buy only when absolutely necessary? Pizarro & Sidwell were the by-product of Mourinho's feud with Roman and therefore were free transfers. Sheva was the originator of the rift.

Other than the right back position ( where we have Boulahrouz back if not sold) where we may buy, i do not see a need to dip into the transfer kitty, unless we are taking about Benzema. One player which interested Man City is Clemente Luis Fabiano, ex-Porto Brazilian International targetman. While he may cost more than 40 million quid, i do hope that the good relationship we have with Sevilla and the camaderie of Alex/Belletti will be a leverage to entice him. I think he will be a good replacement for Drogs should he (Drogs) leave.

Speaking of Boulahrouz, he had a peripheral role this season at Champion's league knockout Sevilla. He made only 9 appearances yet collected 3 yellow cards. I guess he is more of a liability than an asset

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Well, did you the QUESTION OF MY POST? It is still too early but it was certainly an improvement.

Btw, West Spam at Upton Park is different from spamming at Scouser's territory. The top sides are almost invincible at home - Chelsea, Arsenal, Manure, Scouser & Everton.


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Guest zompus
i never read your posts, mate, theyre just a load of old crap, and i dont even believe you know who managed us before jose.
Woah dude. Stop acting childish.
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