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  1. I do not think it has mental, But rather I think Mateo is good at passing directly from A to B, which is very useful of course in the first third and the second third of the pitch. However, what I think Matteo lacks is the ability to pass with the appropriate ‘weight’, Making him a very poor passer in the offensive third of the pitch. So, in other words, Mateo is a very poor passer of through balls. I think the same holds true of Kante.
  2. I choose someone not on the list: Anthony Taylor.
  3. What am I missing here? I am seeing the highlights of France's second goal in their 2-1 win over Spain in the Nations League final, and Mbappe is 1/2 yard offside. AND VAR DID NOT OVERTURN THE GOAL!!! WTF!
  4. I don't mean to be a party pooper, but when I was watching the first goal today, it seemed clear to me that Chalobah was offsides. The replays that were shown on the TV were not useful in seeing if that was indeed the case. Was he offsides or not?
  5. Sorry, but someone has to explain that Rainer Bonhof photo. There are two players of opposite teams who look injured, with Bonhof dribbling past them? Or are they on warmups? i absolutely loved watching him play in the 70s.
  6. This is the quote that I should have inserted, to put context to my 'Aqualung' statement.
  7. I have always felt that Borgetti and Tim Cahill were the two best headers of the ball for goals that I have seen.
  8. I was wrong about Henderson on Salah's penalty -- he did not encroach, actually, not even close to encroaching. Sorry about that.
  9. NOw, let me make this clear, I do like Rangers, just not as much as Celtic.
  10. Didn’t Henderson encroach grossly on Salah’s Penalty, and thus it should have been retaken?
  11. Am I the only Chelsea fan that roots for Celtic over Rangers?
  12. Taylor has to be banned from doing any more Chelsea matches; this is crazy.
  13. Hi, everyone. I do miss the CSR days, with the old gang. I also miss the Chat room. But I see that there are still a bunch of people from back then still posting from time to time, like Val, Moi, Goose, Liam, Loz (seldom, sadly), Scott, Mad Mac, ModStark, even G4.7 (once in a blue moon). Hope for another 15 years of posting on this forum, if I last that long!
  14. So TT does not know what the word ‘comprehensive’ means? That surprises me somewhat.
  15. I remember that, An obvious foul from behind on Kovacic, possible yellow card offense, was not called by the ref and when Kovacic falls down on the ball due to the non-called foul, the ref calls handball on Matteo. Kind of nuts!
  16. I thought he was really poor against Villareal.
  17. I think Michael Oliver thought Switzerland was Chelsea for a Moment
  18. Yikes, he looks a bit like Frankenstein's monster. Not a handsome lad at all.
  19. I see that person got it so far. 🐍
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