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Spurs Match - Marks out of 10


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I know we have the MOTM thread but we used to give marks out of 10 on a pretty regular basis which seems to have stopped. But after last nights unbelievable game, I think I have to give marks as I can't recall a game where our players were at such extremes:

Carlo 8 Okay, he let in 4 but if it wasn't for 2 or 3 great saves we would have lost

Paulo 6 Okay but no more than that.

JT 5 Not the solid skippers display we were looking for.

Carvo 3 Shocker of a game and probably one of his worst ever - up there with the one against Borough 3-0

Ashley 2 He was lucky to still be involved in the second half. A spoilt little kid and a total w**k2.gif

Maka 4. His role should be to protect the back 4. What happened? And he gave away needless free-kick for Spurs first goal.

Essien 6 Good first half but faded. Was able to Boss Jenas but not Huddlestone.

Lamps 6 Good first half but faded

Kalou 7 Looked lively. Great feet and control at times but once again poor final decisions when it mattered

Drogba 5 Just doesn't seem the same player since Decemeber. Too often beaten in the air.

Joe 10. Awesome. MOTM by miles.

Alex 5 should have steadied the ship but didn't and on refelection seems a poor substitution

Ballack 6 Did okay

Sheva Not long enough to merit a mark

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Joe 10. Awesome. MOTM by miles.

Only 10? Sometimes I think you are a little too harsh on him Nibs. icon_wink.gif

Proved why he should have played in the final!!!!!!!!!!!

Subbed for no reason as Spurs applied the pressure! Taking our best player off must have given them a massive lift.

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Can't argue with any of that, Cole was our best player by a mile, and Kalou looked pretty lively and created some good chances. The defence was shocking all round, and as you said Essien and Lampard definitely faded as the game went on. The more I think about it, the more I cannot understand why the hell Kalou and Joe Cole were taken off ;_;

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