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Moutinho - know anything about him?

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João Filipe Iria Santos Moutinho (born September 8, 1986 in Portimão) is a Portuguese footballer, playing as an all-round midfielder for Sporting Clube de Portugal, where he is the captain of the team. He has a similar style to SL Benfica's Rui Costa, mainly because of his vision and pin point passing.

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Watched the Portugal match last night, I liked the look of him. See how he goes against better oppersition, but may be worth a bid [i suspect we won't be the only ones] in the Summer.

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Looked like a younger version of Deco, he was hard working.. he lost the ball on couple of occassions but made sure he got it back. He made chances and set up the goal.

Looked like a really good player, im looking forward to seeing Van der vaart against Italy.

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Hah, good point, and hopefully it might be a good sign of things to come.

Mountinho is a guy that really intrigues me, because everything I knew about him seemed to peg him as the next show pony Portuguese winger, but seeing him play yesterday, he seemed much more at home in the middle, and more industrious than I gave him credit for.

At the same time, he had a very anonymous game. But he made up for it with that great play on the second goal. He was on top of the goal, with nothing to lose by taking some impossible shot and go for the glory, but he knew he had a teammate coming on the right side, and played it right in his path. That impressed me alot both for its presence of mind and selflessness

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Moutinho has been giving his say on Scolari coming to Chelsea, taken from The Mirror's website:

Sporting Lisbon midfielder Joao Moutinho and former Spurs striker Helder Postiga were united in their view that Chelsea life under Scolari will be a whole new ball game.

Moutinho said: "Scolari will be a big success at Chelsea, I'm sure of that. He has proved with the Portugal national team how good he is. He has done wonderful things for our country and I just wish him the best at Chelsea because he deserves it.

Advertisement"What is certain is that he will be a massive rival for Ferguson and Wenger and expects to beat them.

"The fact he is going to Chelsea means he will automatically be a big rival for them but I know he is ready for that and will not be worried about that challenge.

"Everybody can see he is an excellent manager. He has already proved that.

"But what's special about him is that he's a really good help to the players. He ensures his staff are the same. The way he works is very good and he is a great friend to the players as well."


Trying to get a move? :lol:

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