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EXCLUSIVE: Chelsea wrap up search for new coach ... and it all points to Scolari

Chelsea have agreed a deal with a new manager and last night it was looking increasingly like Luiz Felipe Scolari.

Details of the contract were finalised last week in one of the best-kept secrets in football history.

Scolari has long been the favourite to succeed Avram Grant and the fact that an announcement has not yet been made points to the Portugal manager.


Done deal: But Scolari is not someone who likes to commit his future in public

It would have to be a coach involved in the European Championship and while Russia's Guus Hiddink cannot be dismissed, Scolari has long let it be known that he will not be distracted from his job during a major tournament.

He said as much last Friday in his press conference in Neuchatel, even though he refused to rule out a move to Stamford Bridge at the end of the tournament.

The FA know from bitter experience that Scolari is not someone who likes to commit his future in public to another employer while under contract.

He rejected their advances two years ago because chief executive Brian Barwick wanted to unveil him as the new England manager before the 2006 World Cup.

That would be reason enough for Chelsea to keep developments under wraps and would explain why the club appear so relaxed. Chief executive Peter Kenyon is understood to be on holiday in Italy and has let it be known the club are happy with their progress in recruiting a new boss.

Hiddink remains an alternative and has been repeatedly linked with a move to Chelsea because an extension to his contract with Russia, taking him to the end of the 2010 World Cup Finals, had only been agreed in principle rather than in writing.

Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard has been urged by Fabio Capello to consider a move to Inter Milan. 'I don't know if Lampard will go to Inter,' said England's Italian coach. 'It is up to him to decide. But for every new experience you are richer.'

Though Chelsea are keen on a deal that would see Didier Drogba head to AC Milan and Kaka move to Stamford Bridge, they would be less keen to sell Lampard, and new contract talks are expected to begin once the midfielder returns from holiday.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/footba ... olari.html

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That Daily Telegraph story is just a bunch of words on a page.

Their relationship to any reality in any part of the Multiverse is moot.

The clincher is that the intrepid reporter that has brought us this earth shattering story is known as "Telegraph Staff".

Most convincing journalism.

Funnily enough, i had a bit of an interesting conversation with a News of The World staffer (some kinda editor) last Saturday night. His opening gambit down my local was "Ha, you lot can't even get a manager these days". I asked him as he was a journalist if he could explain his comments. He replied that we couldn't get Ancellotti or Mark Hughes. I congratulated him on his fresh perspective and pointed out that i had been hearing this crap for the last few days and asked if he had any fresh information, seeing as he was a journalist like.

Sadly he didn't. So i sat him down and said that we didn't get Mark Hughes because we didn't make an offer for him because Abramovich didn't fancy him, and possibly Mark Hughes didn't want a move down South because his wife preferred to stay up North (something i said with absolute conviction, because i read it here last week). Matey boy backed down. I asked why Ancellotti would want to move from AC Milan and asked for evidence that we had offered Roma's Spalleti a job. Nowt from the journo - no frigging answer apart from the claim that that sort of question could only be answered by the Sports Desk staff. I replied that i didn't know them and that he did and that he had the hot line to the men that knew. No enlightenment from the fool and his drunken, idiotic mouth.

Later on that night he burbled on about the importance of the Max Mosley (Formula 1 chap) and his "night of shame" with the brasses dressed up in Nazi regalia (front page story on the News of The Screws a few weeks ago). Me and my mate said that that kind of story was completely irrelevant to our lives and that his newspaper would be better off infoming us about real scandals (abuse of power, abuse of public funds, the PFI scandals... etc). His riposte was a classic.

"If we didn't write those sort of stories [the Max Mosley type], you would have nothing to talk about down this pub"

We disabused him of this "fact" and then proceeded to rip the piss out of him for exhibiting such arrogance and stupidity.

You gotta love gutter journalists; drunken, arrogant and clueless bozos.

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