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Title Hopefulls: Chelsea (manutd.com)


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Manchester United have some writeups on their homepage about how they feel their main competitors will do, after reading Liverpool's lolfest, I sceptically read Chelsea's, and was pleasantly surprised:

With a new man in charge, the Londoners want revenge...

Headmaster: Luiz Felipe Scolari took over after Avram Grant’s eight-month tenure could ‘only’ deliver the Champions League final and runners-up spot in the Premier League. Big Phil, who won the World Cup with Brazil in 2002, won't take any cheek from his pupils, and has proved a shrewd tactician in outwitting England and Sven three times.

Head boy: John Terry. The fans’ favourite, JT is the heartbeat of this Chelsea side. An exceptional defender and inspirational leader who bleeds Blue for the cause; just be sure to check his studs before kick-off...

Maths: Chelsea claimed a record in the top division last August, when a 3-2 win over Birmingham extended their unbeaten home record in the league to 64 games, trumping Liverpool’s backyard best. It now stands at 82.

English: With nine of the Queen’s subjects – six international regulars – in a squad of 31, Chelsea are certainly doing their bit.

History: Comrade, the past does not exist. Who are theez David Speedy and Peter Wasgood? Forward Russia!

Tuck shop item: King-size Mars Bar: costly, not particularly exciting, but gets the job done.

Predicted: grade A– With Scolari at the helm Chelsea expect excellent grades, but it’s a tall order to emulate Jose and win at the first attempt.

Detention: Drogba’s girly slap at Nemanja Vidic was a comedy highlight in Moscow.

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Can Spanish Euro glory translate to the league? Doubt it.

History: A favourite subject at Anfield. But being dominant a few decades ago gives you no right to win titles now. Must brush up on current affairs.

Tuck shop item: Wham bar. Unbeatable in the 1980s - unrecognisable to anyone under 30.

:P :rofl: :rofl:

no love for the mancs as rivals, but I have to appreciate that they're on the cusp of robbing dipper fans of their few remaining bits of entitlement

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Have to agree, i'd rather lose the league to the mancs than Liverfool anyday. Since RA's money have enabled us to 'compete' with united in the transfer market there has been a lot less ressentment coming from Manchester than Liverpool.

Considering its between us and them for the biggest trophies you would expect them to be the ones moaning, not one of the also rans like Liverfool.

Personally i'd like to see them overtake the scouser's title record, but i dont think that will happen in the next couple of seasons....because of us.

I really fancy us this year, i know its alot to ask of Scolari in his first year but we were so close last year,even with all the problems on and off the pitch.

The dissapointment of last year should drive us on this time too.

The main thing for me though is looking at the teams, i honestly think we are miles better than Man U, surely our closest rivals.Take Saturday for example, half their team would'nt even make our bench. Even established players like Brown,O'shea and Fletcher would'nt get a look in.

I know Teves and Ronaldo were missing, but i cant see Ronaldo having another season like last and if he starts badly it would'nt take alot for the fans to turn on him which would fall right into our hands.

On another note just noticed Owen has signed a contract for £140,000pw. When you consider his contribution to Newcastle over the last couple of seasons to Lampards for us, Frank looks cheap.

Come on you blues.

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