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Sky Broadband?


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I've got it. It's a bit flaky to be honest but then again I am out in the sticks a bit.

I've got the Sky Max package which in theory will give you 24 megs down but I'm restricted by the line and distance from the exchange to just 3 megs. But there are no download limits and the price in conjunction with Sky TV is pretty competitive.

One thing you should know is that they don't allow migration. So if you want to change to another provider in the future you have to cancel the Sky broadband and then sign up elsewhere. This means you will be without for a couple of weeks.

If you can get a fast cable connection then I'd go for that otherwise I suspect that they are all much of a muchness.

You can get a lot of info at ThinkBroadband

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Cheers mate. I did enquire to them last year, but don't think they supplied the Max package in the area at that time. The other 2 packages were capped per month, one with a measly 2gb!

Did you transfer from another supplier eth? Just wondering if you were without Broadband while it changed?

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We had to have it installed when we moved in as the existing phone lines were dead. If you already have broadband then you should be able to migrate to Sky without losing service. It is only if you want to move away from them that you will be without.

The max service will be available if you are on an exchange running their own hardware. If not then you are restricted to their connect product which gives you up to 8 megs.

In theory they should be better than most of the other providers because their service runs on LLU. I think that means that although they use the BT lines they have their own hardware in the exchange which means you are not sharing with others.

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My neighbours got it and had a few teething problems - Sky support was abysmal

I'm with UK Online, the connection being that both Sky and UKOnline utilise Easynet hardware. Differences are that UKOnline don't cap you - well there is an FUP but you have to be incredibly greedy to fall foul of it. Also with UKOnline support is excellent - and free. Apart from freephone Customer support and Tech support, there's a guy called Dan, employed by UKOnline to troubleshoot etc via the UKOnline forum on thinkbroadband.com.

Check them out here And/or their Sky forum here

Having said all that. If you've already got Sky TV, then getting Sky Broadband is pretty much a no brainer - which is why my f**kwit cousin (related by marriage) the ex-History teacher, has the full Sky package .. and Orange broadband.*

*sarcasm alert.

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