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  1. A performance worthy of 6th place at the end of the season
  2. With a haircut like that, Babel should never wear a roll neck!
  3. Anyone seen Django unchained - is it worth a look?
  4. But can you teach your Grandmother to suck eggs (if she does not own a mop)?
  5. Can we get Christopher Columbus in the same deal?
  6. Brighton Rock - thought it was better than the original film - not true to the Graham Greene's classic book (different genre) but good all the same - lots of tension and 60's reference
  7. Got talked into seeing Joe Jammer by an 'old' mate, so went to a small pub in Surrey This guy used to jam with Led Zep way back when - hence the name Was pretty sceptical before I went, but boy could he play One of the best guitarists i have seen in years - will go again in Sept - if you get a chance to see him you wont be disappointed.
  8. Did she also buy 'Jaws' thinking it was about the Bond villain?
  9. Glengarry Glenross - Brilliant film, lots of big names for a film about a salesman's life. Dialogue heavy throughout, yet not bored for a second. The dialogue is clever, vicious, and occasionally even a little funny - more 'f**k you's' than you can shake a stick at. Intense - theatrical style - they don't make em like that anymore.
  10. City of Men (series 1 & 2) Series about 2 young lads growing up in the Favella. Good insight into life without law (except the law of the drug gangs) and the territory wars of the main gangs Good enough for me to order series 3 & 4!
  11. Good points Steve - but I wont let it spoil FF for me - great film Just watched Looking For Eric - really enjoyed it even if it is all manked up And Buffalo Soldier - a modern take on Sargeant Bilko but with a bit of dark humour and menace thrown in - think I prefer Bilko!
  12. Saw that last week - definitely worth a watch Just saw 'Into the Wild' - enjoyed it - bit different - great cinematography and good pace - worth a look
  13. Men who stare at goats Shabby American attempt at straightfaced 'wacky' Dont bother
  14. Shutter Island Bit slow at times but good twist and maybe twist on the twist! Worth a look
  15. Magnolia No heroes, no sloppy stuff, all characters flawed, surreal at times - loved it
  16. The Guardian - dont know why I watched it - typical Costner sentimental bolox
  17. Thats the one - loved it when one of the soldiers wacked a werewolf with a saucepan
  18. Good advice - really good - makes the likes of Blair Witch look like a load of w**k
  19. Joe Cole gave the manker fans the 5 salute at the end of the match on Sunday - just like a real scouser then
  20. Quadraphenia - not a good film but I enjoyed every second

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