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Chelsea Quiz 10 Results


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Week 10 saw some pretty tough questions and when the going got tough the tough stuck their head in the sand and did a mean impression of Henry in the big matches - lowest number of submissions ever (trying to keep your averages up eh!!).

So to the answers:

1. Name the Chelsea player who often came out at half time and put the ball down to kick off even if Chelsea had kicked off in the first half (he used to do it about 10 times a season and quite often got away with it)

Alan Hudson

2. What happened for the first time in the clubs history on August 15th 1998 when we played, and lost 2-1 to, Coventry.

All 11 players who started the match were full internationals

3. Whilst trying to flog a player to prospective parties Tommy Docherty said ‘A hundred thousand wouldn’t buy ___________, Bill’ to Bill Shankly. Shankly replied ‘Aye! And I’m one of the hundred thousand!’ Which player were they talking about?

Tony Hateley

4. In a similar vein to question 2 in April 1957 we played away at St James Park but before the game had even started we had created a little piece of football history (yes even Liverpool hadn’t done this!) – what was this piece of history?

We were the first team to fly to a domestic away match.

5. Which of our current youth players won both ‘Player of the Year’ and ‘Young Player of the Year’ at the club they were loaned to in the 2007/08 season?

Jack Cork

And to the results.

Cassiya topped the table with 6 out of 10 so a round of applause for her.


The overall standings are now (as always the table does not include anyone who has not submitted answers for the past three quizzes)


Quiz 11 will be along shortly. As it is Xmas week I have gone for a bigger quiz and there will be 20 points to be won so a chance for people to bump up their averages.

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It will only be for one more week unless he submits a new answer. If you don't submit answers for 3 consecutive weeks you drop off the table completely.

Also worth pointing out that if you do drop out of the league for not submitting for 3 weeks you will be reinstated if you subsequently submit an answer again.

However at the end of the season the person who wins overall must have submitted answers to at least 10 quizzes - if they haven't then they will drop off the final table.

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