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  1. derrydale

    Eden Hazard

    Do Real Madrid think they are going to get Eden Hazard on the cheap? So they are going to have a meeting to thrash out his transfer to them? He is worth in excess of £200 million POUNDS, not Euros. If they want our man we want our choice of theirs, only fair! I say ignore them until they get real and get on with bringing in the players we need!
  2. derrydale

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Maurizio, that's it!
  3. derrydale

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Your absolutely right!
  4. derrydale

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I would love Sarri (What the heck is his given name?) to say to Chelsea, "Tell Real, Barca and anyone else, Hazard, Willian and Courtois are NOT available" ........! I wish him good luck and bring stabilty back to the club!
  5. derrydale

    Next Chelsea Manager

    If Chelsea don't take Sarri off Napoli's hands, he could be a real pain in the arse moaning every five minutes. Although I would be quite happy for Chelsea to keep Conte until the end of his contract, it would be good to wrap things up!
  6. derrydale

    Next Chelsea Manager

    For goodness sake hurry up and get the new manager installed if we are changing. Then the fans can go on holiday ....... :)
  7. derrydale

    Tapping Up!

    Oh yeah, forgot that!
  8. derrydale

    Tapping Up!

    Silly me, I thought Tapping Up was against EUFA rules - Real Madrid chatting to Eden Hazard .......?
  9. derrydale

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I am getting sick and tired of the 'He'll be sacked by Christmas' brigade, especially reporters or so ccalled pundits. The BOSS turned our season around last year and if the club had done the business in the summer we wouldn't be in the bit of a mess we are in now. We are still in four competitions so the season is not lost!