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  1. Pipita should get a season long extencion as Well.
  2. Give Pipita a chance. He doesnt go to Copa. He has a whole summer to rest.
  3. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7033673/Loan-flop-Gonzalo-Higuain-heading-Juventus-Chelsea-decide-NOT-extend-loan.html. Looks like he is off.
  4. So should we extend? Ive got a feeling he might get 20+ next season.
  5. We should sign him. A quality 9.
  6. Both Pipita and Hazard will score a brace today.
  7. Watch him score a brace tomorrow.
  8. Hes been here only for three months, for Petes sake. Give him some time. He retired from international football so he has a whole summer to prepare for the next season.
  9. He will get better. Hazard didnt exactly have a great fame either, did he?
  10. Interesting that everyone calls him slow. First of all, he is not THAT slow at all and more to the point... Just how many PL strikers are that pacy? Aguero really isnt as fast as people make him out to be. Kane? Zlatan scored over 20 goals. Even in his prime, was he pacy? I dont think pace is that important to a striker. Are Lewandowski or Suarez any faster than Gonzalo?
  11. A great goal from Pipa. Still needs more direct service.
  12. Gonzalo is an elite player. Give him time. He needs good wing service.
  13. The best striker In the world after Suarez. Needs to be made the focal point.

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