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  1. My point is precisely this! If we are going to give anyone time then let it be Frank, he has a great record with the kids and the present players will walk across hot coals for him!
  2. No he hasn’t! Solskjaer was a failure at Cardiff, that is his only experience! Unless you are counting Norwegian football as preparation for Man U. God give me strength, lmfao!!
  3. If you don’t mind me saying your view is remarkably rediculous. You want to give a failing manager another 2.5 years? Who openly says he can’t motivate his team!! Some of the views on here are so stupid that I know you aren’t Chelsea fans because given your way, you would be happy for us to end up mid table in a few years time! Sarri has won nothing he’s hopeless!!
  4. Don’t give me rubbish that he’s not ready! Look at Solskjaers record at Cardiff. Dont give me nonsense that we need some foreign tactical god. That gave us a 6 nil thrashing! Bring FL home, he knows the players, the club and will have the same affect as Ole at Man U!
  5. Of course he needs to be put out of his misery. How many more foreign managers are going to let us down!? if we are going to invest time in a manager get Lampard in. Put someone experienced around him and let’s build a legacy. A Chelsea legacy!
  6. You’re easily pleased, do you still collect autographs and blush when you see the players.
  7. Do we still think this guy is right for Chelsea? i think he’s a complete bell**d, he reminds me Mourinho at MAn U trying to engineer his way out of the club, with his crap about “I can’t motivate the players.” Well if he can’t do the job bring FL in he’ll motivate the players!
  8. Hi Everyone, I’m an older Chelsea fan moved up norf some years ago and I think like quite a lot of fans, find the finances a bit steep to go to many these days. Still as keen as ever to support the blues though and what’s really getting my goat at the moment is this Sarri situation!

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