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  1. I like that we now have a manager that will try to play with players from the academy and give them a chance to play for Chelsea and keep some of them for the first team and build players and buy some if you need but not the whole team
  2. Lamps played with kids yesterday and a for a lot of them was first match in blue shirt so we will see in next matches who is up for and who to loan again or sell
  3. Hi is player who can play great but can make a lot of mistakes will see in the new season his shape if hi is like the 18/19 or error maker like 17/18
  4. With this squat u would play like this Kepa Azpi-Rudiger-Christensen James Emerson Kante-RLC Pulisic-Abraham-Pedro
  5. I think Odoi should show some loyalty to the blues who have gave him first team place with 18 years and now with no Hazard in the team he will have a great chance to show if hi is for that place and rejecting contracts I would put him in the u18 and sitting in the bench warming chairs
  6. I don't know why does Bayern is chasing Odoi in first place when they have talented players who play on his spot
  7. If he is a true blue he will extend the contract if he is money grabber he will go in other club
  8. Hope to see him staying in the blue shirt
  9. Michy still have a chance to develop and Morata maybe a lost cause and can stay at AM if he wants
  10. Did he extended his contract with Chelsea ?
  11. I don't want him back but we don't have a lot of choice with the transfer ban and with only Tammy as a striker (because I don't think we can use Giroud for 30+ matches) Morata would be a good add in the team
  12. Yes but Morata did not show his hole potential, I hope he gets back and show more and about Giround I don't think with his age cant play 30-40 matches at highest level
  13. Tammy is taller and younger I thing the crossing football with good wings can make Tammy a player with 15-20+ goals in premier league (just my opinion)
  14. got my answer I was talking about some of them to be in the club I don't think that starting 11 can be possible soon
  15. @RIP Mourinho no hope at all for the youngsters ? I think some will become 1st team players this season

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