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  1. What would Labour have done so differently, in this situation? I'm not saying that Tories are some guiding angels, but at least we know what we get! The way I see the Labour Party, is a bunch of rich people preaching something they don’t practice.
  2. However if this were the Labour Party saying this, you’d be fully behind it.
  3. Which was exactly how Blair got into power! The Labour Party are just not a viable option, headed up by millionaires pretending to be socialists.
  4. No only when we’re coming out the other side will we know.
  5. But they did change policy, an admittance that the wrong policy was being pursued took courage. The fact is, once it was in the country there were going to be deaths, it’s now about limiting those, and the government are not afraid of making tough choices to make the death toll as low as realistically possible. Yes 0 deaths would have been everyone’s preference, but that was never happening. We need to pull together & listen to what we’re asked to do, if the government decides on a new set of rules, it’ll be based on the knowledge that they’re continually gaining, and we follow.
  6. So if the governments policy turns out to be correct, how large would some of you like your humble pie?
  7. I haven’t said that our experts are going to be proved 100% correct, I just said I trust them, I don’t have all the knowledge but I do think taking a different view from countries where their view has failed, isn’t a bad idea. Shock horror, politician lies to further career! I mean no Labour politician has ever done that have they?
  8. The word I used was ‘could’ we need to remember there is still a lot of political point scoring that goes on, it could have been a condition that we follow their path completely. Do I think that everything we’ve done is right or that we’re being kept completely in the light, of course not, that’s life. Lets all follow the advice as best we can & stay safe.
  9. That’s an opinion based on your dislike for the Prime Minister and the Tory party. Look beyond that to the scientific & medical experts who are actually giving the advice, they’re amongst the best in the world. if we’d gone the EU route we may have been stuck with their decisions, this way we can be flexible & if it turns out the EU have gone down the correct path, then we follow that. With regards the purchasing of ventilators, we have looked at our own industry & worked out that will work for us, look at the new F1 bit of kit we’ve introduced today!
  10. We didn’t and haven’t stuck 2 fingers up at Brussels, we made a decision to follow our scientific & medical experts. I commend that.
  11. So you leave a job, the new job turns out tougher, you run back? We have our experts, our plans, let’s stick to them! You have evidence that I supported Brexit (I didn’t) and that I voted Tory (I didn’t)
  12. The conspiracy that either Boris doesn’t have it, or has deliberately contracted a ‘mild’ version, I’ve not seen anything that says you can choose the version you get? Or so he’d get treatment now before the NHS gets overwhelmed. Get a grip people, let those that have all the facts deal with the Pandemic.
  13. Some ranting and conspiracy theories. The reason we haven’t joined any of the EU buying initiatives or conferences regarding Covid-19, simple, we left the EU 2 months ago! Can’t go running back every 5 minutes.
  14. The strange thing about this recession is that people will come out the other of this shutdown with money to spend. Some getting full pay, others getting 80% pay, but nowhere open to spend it. It’s a very effective savings scheme.

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