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  1. It’s not close until he’s got the pen in his hand!
  2. 2 seasons in a row he has started well then faded. Who knows the reasons for this, possibly only him. I can see us selling Kante in the summer & not sure the Jorginho is a week in week out starter for us next year either, but he’ll still be here.
  3. This is on the board, Lampard told them what was needed in January & they did nothing! If Roman has lost interest, just sell the club!
  4. Too average in attack again! I don’t think teams fear Tammy, Pulisic or Willian, we need to invest in a top quality striker. Just my opinion.
  5. Frank & Jody need to get the boys to cut out the same mistakes game after game. We desperately need Rudiger back, that experience will mean so much.

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