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  1. Not one person has suggested otherwise. I'm not sure why you felt the need to say this. Also, being a talented footballer and professional athlete doesn't suddenly make you mature faster. It's not pointless at all. We are all capable of remembering how flawed we were at 19, and how we made bad decisions. We don't need fame and money to understand young people are immature and make bad decisions.
  2. In my job I often have to spend time talking to 19-21 year olds. As you would expect, they are very immature and make poor decisions. It's like talking to children sometimes. I was an idiot I was 19 years old. If at that age I had gorgeous woman desperate to come to mine I would have likely invited her over as well. If he doesn't get charged, this will be forgotten straight away. It will be a distant memory by the time fans are back in the stadium. People on this forum are making this a bigger deal than it is at this stage. Obviously it all changes if he is charged and goes to trial.
  3. This is a silly thing you just said. You seem very ignorant when it comes to the legal system. Police arrest lots of people every day when someone hasn't done anything wrong. Police will arrest anyone accused of rape, even if it turns out they didn't do it. It's just the start of the investigation and he hasn't even been charged yet. Being charged doesn't even mean you've done anything wrong either and he's not even at that stage yet. Her going to the hospital also doesn't mean anything either and is what I would expect to happen. I haven't seen anyone say he's innocent (can you quote any post saying that?). No one should have an opinion on if he is guilty or not at this stage. Just wait and see what happens.
  4. As for Hudson Odoi, he hasn't even been charged yet, so I don't have an opinion on it. Being arrested doesn't mean anything. We will see what happens, but he is innocent until proven guilty.
  5. You need to read what you've been posting because you've very clearly said, "No having sex with a woman without fully understanding the situation put you at risk, not just having sex if that was the case you would get accusations like this so much more." The only way you can believe that quote is if you assume the accused did something wrong. You can do everything right and still get accused of rape. It happens
  6. No. You're completely wrong. You seem to assume that everyone accused has done something wrong. Being accused doesn't mean you didn't get consent . I'm amazed I'm having to explain this.
  7. You said This is a ridiculous thing to say. Having sex with a woman puts you in a situation where you could be accused of rape. Any of them could have accused you. It's impossible to avoid this small risk unless you just never have sex again. Being accused of rape isn't something that will happen to many people, so the fact you haven't been accused yourself is irrelevant. You have still put yourself in a situation where you could have been accused, which is what you're saying no one should ever do.

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