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  1. I feel your sentiment, but the fact is that football back in the 70's and 80's just isnt what it is now, its a completely different sport and more of a business than anything. All that matters now is winning trophies, and because we have gotten so used to it its hard for the heirarchy to see us regress and go back to being a team that doesnt win silverware often
  2. Not too much on the forum in all fairness, but there's a lot im seeing on social media
  3. Yeah thats fair, but that was Conte in all fairness who made some awful awful signings
  4. Yeah thats why I said Kepa and Drinkwater are the exceptions, but other transfers we can make back almost everything we spent. We are due another big clearout this summer, which will balance out nicely with what we spent last year. There are still plenty of players on our books that have no future at the club that we can sell
  5. It truly is odd, I actually dont understand it at all. But then again only the yer das who are bashing him, and not the people with any common sense
  6. A lot of players we wasted money on, we actually get back a big chunk of that from loans and selling them later. There are a few cases where I cant see us getting anything remotely close to what we paid and thats Kepa and Drinkwater. Everyone else we actually stand to make a fair chunk back, even Bakayoko!
  7. A joke club? We're practically in the footballing elite sitting just a tier below the likes of Liverpool, Utd, Milan etc (who are probably a level below the likes of Barca, Madrid and Bayern) We've won countless titles and the champions league? Would you rather us have been mid table dross just for the sake of yer das fans?
  8. I doubt that, Di Matteo was way out of his league - but that honeymoon period was something sensational. I do agree that managers rarely get a chance here to overcome adversity, and i really thought that was starting to change with Sarri when he turned it around at the end of his season, and Lampard as well. The issue is that we are just too big of a club, to really have any long periods where we are building back up and not winning anything. That time was literally last season, and Lampard did good but with the investment he had to be performing like this is unacceptable really. If he still in top 4 and he still got sacked, then thats disgraceful, but the fact we haven't even beaten a top 6 side, and got I think 1 point from 10+ games against teams that we're supposed to be competing with? Thats awful whichever way you put it, especially when you look at the league this year and every top team is playing quite poorly. I think the squad atm is actually very good, a mix between some top signings and some quality youth players, the potential is definitely there.
  9. One more thing, I really dont understand the people who are hating on Roman? He is literally the reason we are the club we are today, and has done FAR more for this club than any other manager or player ever has. He deserves respect.
  10. People really need to differentiate Lampard as a player who is a legend of our club, and then Lampard as a manager who has done nothing anywhere near what he did as a player. Truth is, this job was too soon and too big for him at this time
  11. If it is Tuchel we are getting, he has a great track record when it comes to youth? No need to make things up. I think Lampard has instilled into the club that some of the youth players are more than ready to step up to the first team. Add to that that we made some quality signings in the summer, we have a great squad.
  12. That is definitely bullsh*t, no chance only Chilwell was his signing lol.
  13. Kante for 32m was amazing for us? Just because he's gone downhill now doesnt mean he was a bad signing. Kovacic was our player of the year last season? Havertz and Werner its still early days but the signs of a good player is definitely there, Bakayoko and Barkley we'll probably make back most the money spent on them so thats not too bad. Drinkwater was a complete failure I admit and the same goes for Kepa, but even Jorginho has had his good moments.
  14. Think it was Tuchel who actually played him and turned into the player he is now
  15. Wholeheartedly agree. But the more I think of it, I feel like Lamps was always being setup here. He was brought in to drastically change the squad and the way we operate. The fact he got rid of so many unnecessary players and implemented youth properly into our squad, I think these changes will be massive in the future. He has spent a lot in bringing in quality to the team (and I still believe all the players he signed still have great potential) and the fact we have quality youth players coming through constantly, I think we have the basis of a good squad for several years to come. And once these changes were implemented by Lampard, he was always going to get sacked for a more experienced manager in my eyes. I just hope one day he comes back to the club as manager, a much more experienced and seasoned coach who can take us to trophies, but as I said before his time right now was just too soon
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