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  1. Many people think he can't actually play football, maybe not a coincidence they had their best offensive game yesterday since Tuchel took over with him not playing. I think if he keeps his work ethic up and further uses his speed churning out assists, he can be a viable squad member, but it's literally his only choice because he is just not good enough in all other areas imo.
  2. You always have these glimpses of world class but then you have two sitters in the second half, that were completely wasted, just typical. Still a young player though yes, but overall still overrated imo, too much risk, way too expensive for that, maybe the gamble plays out, but yes, that shouldn't be the main transfer in a year for a club like Chelsea.
  3. Hello. This is my first post here. I'm kind of a coach follower. It's just amazing to see a good coach transform a team. I think i have watched nearly every Liverpool game since Klopp took over there, i stopped this year. What an amazing time, i think they played better football in the beginning, but they changed and became really successful. I always admired Tuchel though. Dortmund was the best second ever in his final season and Bayern had a crisis the year after he left, it's fair to say, that he would have won the league then. More and more people realise that the Dortmund managers a
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