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  1. he'd be too fat to train at City by all accounts. Doesn't get into shape until Xmas
  2. This guy is from another planet but I have long felt that he was carrying a niggle that maybe only he was aware of. I don't think he's someone who sits about voluntarily.
  3. It's easy to forget because neither is in the same class as Suarez. He made everything tick and, for some reason, they thought they could get by without him. I don't think Barca would sell him at any price, even if he was a closet vampire. I think Costa has to go for the same reason SAF would have shipped him out. Nobody's bigger than the club, end of.
  4. He's gotta go. Sure, on his day he's unplayable, but his day doesn't happen often enough, and he's always an accident waiting to happen. Suarez almost won PL on his own but Costa isn't that good. Get rid of him and get over him.
  5. Hang on in there Claudio! Show these corporate clowns what the game is really about
  6. That's it. I'm done. Been a supporter for nigh on 60 years, but I've had enough of this circus
  7. Serves the buggers right that he's opting out of international duty. They didn't take care of him too well the last time
  8. I don't think anyone knows why we (Roman) bought him in the first place, or why he suffered such a catastrophic loss of form. Learn lessons and move on I guess. At least Costa looks every inch a PL player, which is more than can be said for di Maria and a few other big money buys.
  9. We need to find out *why* he has failed or it could happen again with Costa. We have form when it comes to removing the goal scoring ability of proven strikers. Sheva, Mutu. More recently, Ba was a right handful at Newcastle, and suddenly became a non entity when he moved here. I suspect Costa will put himself about more, and feed on scraps, but the problem of service to the striker remains. Gerard and Alonso made the striker's job easy
  10. Could turn out to be a Mourinho master stroke. Drog's assists are not often mentioned, but he has the sweetest feet of any striker I've ever seen, and his crossing is second to none. Hopefully he won't be our corner taker again though-whose idea was that FFS?
  11. It was a documentary I saw about JM's time at Inter. He apparently had time for everyone, right down to the canteen staff, who he would chat to on a regular basis. Not so much a messiah, more an all round good bloke.
  12. Michael Owen said on MOTD he thought Torres was now "angry" with "a point to prove". WRONG! He was angry before, now he's happy, and enjoying his football. JM makes people happy, that's his skill. Ask the tea ladies at Inter.
  13. He did a good job with Joe Cole.
  14. I think we might see a different Torres this season. JM will be trying his damnedest, just to prove a point
  15. I get a bit fed up with the comparison with Drogba. I think we're forgetting how much time he spent rolling around on the turf, tripping over his own feet and languishing on the bench under JM. When you buy a player like Torres, you build the rest of the team around him. Liverpool did it , SAF does it as a matter of routine, Ronaldo, Rooney, and now RVP. This is nowt to do with the player, but more to do with the way he has been expected to slot into a setup that obviously doesn't suit him, and for the most part doesn't support him. At ManU Torres would be scoring goals for fun because they w
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