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Motson retires


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3 hours ago, enigma said:

heard he was a closet chelsea fan too, not sure if true though. 

I think he watched us as a kid, but based on what I've heard him say today, he comes across as a Spuds fan.

Asked about the best player he's seen in England he  said...Gazza. Not sure he'd make my top 20.

Asked to name the best goals he's seen, he mentioned Maradona (v Belgium) and ...Gazza's v Scotland.  Wouldn't make my top 100.

Asked to mention the teams that played the best football, he mentioned Brazil 1970, Liverpool in the 80s, Man U under Fergie and... Spuds in their cup-winning seasons. WTF????

And in his top 5 moments he mentions....Gazza's tears. 

Definite Spud-bias there.

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John Motson:

"No, I am not a Tottenham fan. I think the reason people sometimes think I support Spurs is because, for a while, they employed me to do the interviews on their telephone services.

"Most clubs had 'Club Call' but Tottenham had 'Spurs Line'. You could dial an 08 number and get me doing an interview with Chris Waddle or one of the other players.

"I commentated on two of Tottenham's Cup Finals in the early 80s - in one there was the famous goal by Ricky Villa. In the 1991 Cup Final they played Nottingham Forest and I had to say: 'I'd better drop out of this because it seems like I've got a vested interest here' - it was the match when Gazza went mad and got carried off."

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22 hours ago, charierre said:

Legend. Along with Brian Moore the two best commentators ever, knowledgeable and fair to all teams, some of today's commentators could learn a lot from his career. Enjoy your retirement Motty, many fans have grown up with you and your voice will be missed.




Agree, two great commentators. A lot of modern day football commentators - and also commentators of other sports - could learn a lot from them. Found this picture of Motson alongside the great man. Didn't realise that he used to commentate on boxing back in the day.

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1 hour ago, erskblue said:

I always associate David Coleman with athletics. Him and Ron Pickering were a great commentary double act Brendan Foster added to that when he. joined.

Bill McLaren was the voice of rugby.

Peter Alliss, Peter O'Sullevan, Jim Laker, John Arlott, Richie Benaud, Harry Carpenter, Johnathan Pearce.

One of those might be a bit out of place in that list.

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