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  1. No video or link but, Frank Turner: Tape Deck Heart. Streetlight Manifesto: The hands that thieve The Sword: Warp Riders Screeching Weasel: Boogadaboogadaboogada The Pharcyde: Bizzare Ride Operation Ivy: Operation Ivy Neutral Milk Hotel: In the aeroplane over the sea These are all albums
  2. Don't know if I am doing this quote thing right.I saw Chuck Ragan, I think it was the last weekend in may. He was doing the Revival tour, It was awesome. He was just walking around outside the club talking to band mates, I got to talk to him for awhile. i guess Frank Turner is on the revival tour now, everytime he is in town I either am broke or have a conflicting date.
  3. After seeing David Lynch on Louie I thought he had no other surprises for me. The I was driving around listening to some college radio and I heard a song by David Lynch come on. I had to draw the obvious Tom Waits comparison because of their frequent film collaborations, but he can make a pretty good song. Also if you like Mumford and Sons I would throw out a few other bands. Trampled By Turtles, Chuck Ragan, Old Crowe Medicine Show, and The Avett Brothers.
  4. Jenny Owen Youngs, she toured with Frank Turner here in the states.
  5. I plan a trip across the pond I wanna see Frank Turner, drink alot of ESB see a football match then not remember alot of it cause I was so f**kin wasted.
  6. I want Diablo 3. Played Starcraft 2, had to set the grahics so low it was like playing on PS2. A.k.A. sh*t. I want Witcher 2 on the 360. I wanna murderlate then screw.
  7. Gonna go buy a ticket for the Bouncing Souls for twenty bucks. No talking sh*t, but Kanye West sucks all the way from the east.
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