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  1. Are those Fab stats correct? I thought he crossed one in the 2nd half after a pass from Ivan. Could def be wrong though. Doesn't excuse his play. I'm just wondering if those are accurate.
  2. Yes there are a few issues, but I think the biggest is almost no squad rotation for the last year. That plus winning the league which has resulted in less hunger from most of the players has led to our poor start. We can get it back, but it starts with Jose rotating the squad and dropping non performers. For all you wanting Cesc dropped even from the bench, our best football in the last 3 years has definitely been with Cesc beside Matic and Oscar in the 10 spot. Yes, he has played poorly (but I don't think as poorly as some are saying), and I wouldn't mind him being dropped for a few matches but if so Jose can't just bring in Ramires or Mikel. We need more rotation than that. Freshen up the squad and maybe bring hunger (and freshness!) back to the stars from last fall.
  3. C'mon Scott. Look at the facts. Real had the best defensive record in the UCL last season on goals against per game. This season, they have the second best in the group stage (behind Monaco) ahead of our boys in blue. Also, they currently have the joint second best defense in La Liga (tied with Valencia, behind only barcelona -- atleti is 4th). Of course, this year's stats could all change very quickly but don't just assume Madrid are poor in defense because they boast supreme attacking talent and score loads of goals.
  4. Other than injury, the one thing that worries me for when we get to the latter stages of the CL is teams man-marking Cesc and cutting his influence on the game. If some of the PL's middling teams can use this tactic successfully (Fellaini MU away), I imagine some of the European giants like Madrid and bayern will employ it. If/when this happens, the burden will fall to hazard and oscar to create for costa and the entire team. (Or perhaps Jose will change tactics when he anticipates it) Now, obviously we can consider our side extremely strong and well balanced when this is a top item to be worried about. I've just been thinking about this since the match away to united.
  5. Some immaculate passing but even more impressive the vision from Cesc to pick out some of those passes
  6. The only way to set up Sunday is the 4-3-3 with Matic, Cesc and Ramires in the middle. Ramires box to box and Cesc furthest forward with Matic in the Makalele role. I think we're going to do City 2-1. Hazard late in first half and Costa nicking a late corner for the win. KTBFFH!
  7. One of the best things about him is set piece delivery. Consistently beating the first man and putting the ball with pace near the middle of the area where we can attack it. LOVE IT
  8. Dave is my player of the year. If we get shaw and he moves back to RB, we will have a scary attack from our full backs
  9. Welcome to The Shed End chaboinateg :)

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