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Chelsea Quiz 11 Results


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Without any prevaricating around the bush lets get straight to the answers

1. Who was Roman Abramovich's first signing for Chelsea (and no it wasn’t Shevchenko Bluenut!) – I mean the first player we signed with his cash.

Glen Johnson (maybe soon to be seen as a scouser - well he does have robbing history)

2. My football career began with Chelsea as an apprentice. I played for them for 10 years between the mid 80s and mid 90s making just over 170 appearances in total. I moved to a club in the North of England mid season (1995/96). It was a bit bloody grim up there so I moved back to the South West of the country in 1998 before moving into non league football at the age of 32. Who am I?

Gareth Hall

3. Which manager decided that the best way to replace the departed Diego Maradona was not to buy a replacement but trust in a youngster called Gianfranco Zola?

Claudio Ranieri

4. Who is reported to have stood beside Manchester United chairman Martin Edwards in the toilets at Old Trafford and whistled along as the Chelsea fans sung 'Who the f**K are Man Utd!'

Matthew Harding

5. Who holds the record for scoring the most number of penalties in one season for Chelsea?

Graham Roberts (13 in 88/89)

6. On 6th December 2008 one of our ex players made his debut for the 6th club he has played at since leaving us (covering 4 different countries) – who is it?

Tore Andre Flo

7. Who was our first ever overseas player and what nationality was he (point for each)

Nils Middleboe (Danish)

8. Whose career saw him play or the following clubs (in this order) before moving to the USA. Leeds, Swansea, Wimbledon, Manchester City, Chelsea, Everton, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Sheffield United.

Terry Phelan

9. Which ex-Chelsea player returned to the Bridge the following season and helped his new team knock us out of the Milk Cup (that should date it slightly for you) and was, for a period of time, chased across the pitch by a Chelsea fan seeking retribution!

Clive Walker

10. Which two players did Ken Bates accuse Chelsea of tapping up in early 2007 (a point for each)?

Michael Woods and Tom Taiwo

And to the results.

Moi topped the table with 16 out of 20 so a round of applause for her.


The overall standings are now (as always the table does not include anyone who has not submitted answers for the past three quizzes)


(note that Geezer, Mike O, Gullit4 have not submitted answers for two weeks now so will drop off next week if they don't submit answers to quiz 12.

Quiz 12 should be up before tonight is over.

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