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More Barca brown-nosing...

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Choice quotes include:

That is why Barcelona had every right to be outraged by the weakness of Wolfgang Stark, the German referee, in dealing with Chelsea at the Nou Camp, where Guus Hiddink’s men committed three times as many fouls as Guardiola’s but picked up the same number of yellow cards (two) and lost an important player, Carles Puyol, for the second leg. Fouls are awarded for a purpose: to punish an intention to cheat. They were never meant to be used tactically, as in the modern game.
Unfortunately for Barcelona, who habitually record low foul counts because they like to get on with the game, refereeing in Europe has become more English than the English in the sense of allowing physical intervention. Uefa should do something about it because football is not wrestling and our game should cherish the precious quality that sets it apart: the opportunity for deftness to overcome power that makes it suitable for people of all sizes without weight classification.
That applies to everyone from Messi, Xavi and Iniesta to the boy (or girl) in the playground. Or should. But Barcelona got a rough deal at the Bridge four years ago — John Terry scored the aggregate winner after Ricardo Carvalho had fouled the goalkeeper, Víctor Valdés, and Pierluigi Collina, Uefa’s favourite referee, ignored protests — and I fear they may be up against more than a very good team this week.
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what a f**king plonker. Looking to put the boot into us at any chance. If he likes the Spanish game so frigging much, why doesnt he just start following that league full time? I love the tone of a writer who postures as if he is trying to defend all that is good and holy in the game


who habitually record low foul counts because they like to get on with the game

bawahahahaha! I guess that must be the game of approaching the ref like a gang in west side story and trying to goade the match officials into making decisions. An intention to cheat, eh?

I only saw highlights of their destruction of madrid, but it was predictable as hell what would happen in the wake of it. A week ago, we were all hearing about how they would teach us a footballing lesson in Spain. Instead they were ground down, frustrated and embarrassed themselves. All the critics go away.

Barca beat Madrid 6-2 and embarrass some comical defending. Cue all the critics to emerge out of the woodwork once more.

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what a sanctimonius, holier than thou tosser barclay is. he takes every opportunity to get digs at us and i honeslty believe its because we usurped his bestest ever old red nose for the league title.

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