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The last few minutes of games


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Just off the top of my head:

- Barca 1-1 (Ovrebo notwithstanding)

- Villa 3-3 this year

- Everton at home every time we play them

- Newcastle Carling Cup this year

- Drogba missing pen to win at Spuds

- Luiz conceding pen v Fulham

- Heskey the other year for Wigan

- Essien's red card 10 secs from the end v Fulham

You get the idea. Manure are of course the complete opposite to us and win games at the death, while we throw them away. With alarming regularity.

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its called being professional, in winning positions all you have to do is be in control of the ball and frustrate the opposition. Today we gave the ball away very cheaply in the final 5 mins and paid dearly.

Exactly. Under JM we were superb at that. But it's not just a mental/ concentration problem, I think we have become astonishingly poor at retaining possession, so it's a technical/ coaching issue as well. We are as bad in the minutes leading up to half-time, and have frequently given away game-turning goals when we should be going in ahead or at least in a positive mood. We have become excruciating to watch as you know that, at any stage of the game, the next major cock-up is just around the corner.

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The problem is called 'Taking things for granted ' we were 1-0 up , a few miniutes left and we couldnt do what we were good at last season , keeping the ball , simple . Drogba pisses me off at times , i love the guy but he cant keep it simple , he tried a shot from a wide left position at 1-0 that went over , insted of just giving it to the nearest blue jersey , hold onto the ball ,. After the 1st 15 miniutes today i just knew we were going to be up against it , no confidence at all , short of ideas and struggling to create anything & giving the ball away . We cant get crosses in from wide positions , nobody to run at a full back and take a defender on , Kalou had 1 decent moment but that was it . Torres wont get the chances he lives off , certainly not with the current formation and attacking play , i also feel after the Liverpool result we never recovered properly , we lost games last season and bounced back straight away but that result did something , beating Bolton & Sunderland were the turning points we all thought would kick start the revival but it got worse . Im not going to bash Carlo just yet because i still think the Wilkins senario has everything to do with it because Carlo looks a lonely figure .

In my job when things are going wrong theres always a guy i chat to , he lifts my spirits and we talk about different ideas and where things are going wrong and how i can improve things , yes i know its a completely different industry but if he wasnt there every Monday i'd be lost even though im doing this 20 odd years .

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